Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Few things raise passions like new lovers, old mementos and religion. Interestingly enough, it is my belief that the discussion of one’s spiritual journey contains all these things. Therefore, I find it important to make this page the first one published here at Shared Quiet Moments.

One of the first things I said to a friend when I raised the idea of starting this online space was that of course he could discuss it with his wife but “if we could keep it ‘in the family’ that would be great as it may not seem sensitive to most, but it is to me.”

The translation of that is I am not ashamed of my act of discovery and where it puts me at this moment. Obviously, if the authors are placing this type of content online, this is acceptable for public consumption. However, the topic is sensitive and an understanding of mutual respect is required to participate on this site.

And participation is encouraged – even desired. It became obvious early on that the journey is better made amongst friends. Ideas become more fully vetted and formulated when they are subjected to honest and loving conversation. Actually, that is the whole reason this space is here.

If there is an article or discussion that you would like to discuss, wonderful! Please let us know via the contact page.

We hope you will discuss the ideas with us. Most submissions have a comment form. The form has a space for your name. I like to know who you are. There is also a spot for your email address. Don’t worry, I don’t sell them. However, they are required to help maintain the integrity of the site. Your first comment must be moderated before it will go live. Once you have had an approved comment, your future comments will be automatically published unless something bizarre happens and that option is revoked.

Because I invite and enjoy your input, it is necessary to institute a comment policy. Not to deter you, but to keep those who would be less than constructive out. Hate it, but it is necessary.

  • Be Golden – Treat others the way you would want to be treated. If that is a bit vague or not quite fitting for those who don’t care how they are treated, I reserve the right to ask that you treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • Be Productive – Most folks are working towards a common goal of growth and betterment. Support that. Sound a bit Pollyanna? Maybe, but I am not so sure that’s a bad thing.
  • Be Relevant – It is hard to come to a solution or discuss an idea if somebody insists on talking about something else. If there is a topic you would like to cover, contact us directly.
  • Be Linky – Feel free to post relative links back to your site. I appreciate the bloggers that support me and I intend on returning the favor. If you are providing good content and great discussion, I hope you know that my house is your house…link it.

And I think that about covers it. Of course I reserve the right to modify this policy if the need arises. I also reserve the right to pull comments that are not in line with my policy. If you are a spammer, no explanation for you. But, if you are a legitimate participant, I will be more than happy to discuss why the comment was pulled.

And, we love to discuss the possibility of adding new authors. If this option is for you, let’s talk about it.