Savannah Follow Friday I

This “Follow Friday” was pretty hard. There are a ton of really cool people in Savannah. Runners, creatives, professionals, hosts, and everything in between can be found in the beautiful Lowcountry. Because I live here, I am blessed to know a lot of them.

So, I have decided this will be “Part I” of who knows how many Savannah Follow Fridays there will be.


And, I appreciate that everyone doesn’t love “the Twitter.” I do. But I will make sure you can find these folks in other places. Fair enough? Great!

Jillian Stafford (JillyStaff) on TwitterJillian Stafford (@JillyStaff) I am truly in love with my life. But, if there was another life I could experience, Jill’s would be up there. Strong, passionate, sensitive, creative – awesome in all the ways I am not. Jill brings a whole lot of cool to Savannah. Mother of Savannah Tweet Up, (@savtweetup), Jill is the life of the party, the calmer of spirits, the encourager of souls, and the creator of influence.

Sandy Traub (sandytraub) on TwitterSandy Traub (@SandyTraub) If you need to know anything about, from, going on, happening around Savannah, just ask Sandy. A sister in the love of pink, this lady never fails to recognize a call for help, connection, or interest. Founder and CMO of Spatior Storyline Marketing, Sandy is everything that is right about social media, marketing, and telling a story.

Eat It and Like It (eatitandlikeit) on TwitterEat It and Like It (@eatitandlikeit) There is a lot great about Savannah. Our food is one of them. Jesse Blanco, helps keep all of us on top of the yums around town. “Some people see our show as a guide to local restaurants in Savannah. Others see it as a must have foodie resource. Some use it for recipes. What we are actually (in our view) is simple. Something different than you see on all the cooking/travel shows out there.”

Connect Savannah (ConnectSavannah) on TwitterConnect Savannah (@ConnectSavannah) Coolest newsprint in Savannah. This weekly publication offers a fresh perspective to all things Savannah. They also happen to run More Than Miles every other week (which makes me a bit biased, but hey, whatever). If you needed any other motivation, they also have best writer in town, Jessica Lebos (@TypeItLoud) (okay, she is my friend, yes, BUT that is NOT biased – chica ROCKS!).

Gnate The Gnat (gnatethegnat) on TwitterGnate the Gnat (@GnatetheGnat) More than a mascot, Gnate is a Savannah Icon! The face of  Your Savannah Sand Gnats (@GnatsBaseball), Gnate makes all other varieties of noseeums more bearable.  Gnate has so much cool that he even makes me forget that the Sand Gnats MLB team is not the Atlanta Braves (no, I do not feel compelled to acknowledge the actual team – I love Gnate, that’s gonna have to be enough). Do you have any idea how much cool THAT takes???

Visit Savannah (VisitSavannah) on TwitterVisit Savannah (@VisitSavannah) Don’t let the “Official Convention and Visitors Bureau” tag fool you. They do not mean “official” like cream colored walls, navy pants suit, high rolled bun official. All day, every day, all over the Savannah Lowcounty area, this is the one stop source of what is going on. Not finding what you need to know? Tweet them. They answer back and they are ALWAYS RIGHT!!


Fitness Follow Friday

These are a few of my favorite things

I used to do a pretty neat Follow Friday. Now I know that #FF is Twitter of old and I hardly see it anymore. But I think that is more because folks did it in a wildly unsexy way. Just a litnay of “you need to”s with very little thought or information. It began to feel shallow…we hate shallow.

So let’s talk about @aprilgroves Follow Friday favorites in a semi deep way…

Lowcountry Ultras

This follow is the exception to the “this list is in no particular order” rule. @LCUltra is ALWAYS at the top of my list. The community and culture provided by this ultra running organization has been, for me, life changing. Overstated? No. Two years ago I started running. A year and a half ago I met @LCUltras and volunteered at an event. Eight months ago, I became an Ultra Runner. Four weeks ago I ran 50 miles. Life. Changing.


I love it when Twitter meets “in real life.” The Army gave @foodfitandfam to me recently and I am amazingly grateful for her. She keeps me encouraged about a good many things. If I had known her when I was a younger women, new wife, and new mommy, I would be a better person today. She is a level headed encouragement and a wealth of practical information.

Meat Free Athlete

When I cut out animal products in November, it was an unexpected change. I was training for my first ultra event and recovering from an injury. I began to devour sources of information on how to move through this life change in a way that was supportable in my training. @MeatFreeAthlete is an awesome resource for all things vegan in a way that helped me to learn how to become a plant powered athlete.

Fleet Feet Savannah

This is my local nod. @FleetFeetSavGA is more than just a supporter of the local running community – they are propellers as well. This organization’s effect on the growth and expansion of the availability of races in our beautiful city cannot be overstated. They have some pretty kick ass runner staff too.

Rich Roll

richroll (richroll) on TwitterThis guy blows my brain regularly. He moved my thinking from systems and control to intrinsic and self aware. Recovering addict and recovering attorney, @richroll took a chance on his life and is living his dream. He won me over the day he talked about struggle to live his life on his terms. Where would the car repair bill from? What would his family do? What if it didn’t work? But he reminded me that we never make decisions out of fear. Oh, and his plant based fitness stuff is pretty awesome too!

Lindsay L., RD

This registered dietitian’s blog is a giant resource. Fun and fresh, @LeanGrnBeanBlog has a little bit of everything. Her weekly “Bean Bytes” is a go to for me. Every Monday you can find a great round up of the latest and the greatest around the web. From recipes to inspiration, workouts to slow downs, it’s all there.

Check them out, tell me what you think, and feel free to suggest the next round for next week!