If I Duct Tape You to a Chair, Will You Read my Book?

So, as some of you may know, I am going to do it. I am going to write a book. It has been a long time coming. I am blessed to have a few people who have encouraged me to this decision – some for years. I hope they don’t expect to get the book for free. It would be nice to sell at least 5 copies.

I am amazingly blessed to have Lisa Dalton as my writing coach. Actually, she would be better dubbed “The Book Midwife.” I have been writing blog posts at roughly 600 words for so long, the chapters seem endlessly long.

Lisa asked me an interesting question.

Why is your book valuable? Why would anyone care what you have to say?

Ummmm. Because I am mostly cute and have a shining personality? Yeah, she didn’t let that answer fly either.

There has to be an answer to the questions. When the labor pains get tough or the naysayers get loud, you have to know what the answers are.

The answers feel amazingly narcissistic. Makes the whole process seem narcissistic. There is a mood of boastfulness that makes me uncomfortable and I can’t shake it.

Do you intend to be narcissistic and boastful? Seriously, are you writing this book because you want to show the world that you are a Grade A ass who really just wants to sit around and focus on herself?

HUH? Of course that isn’t my intention.

Then what is your intention?

I intend to enjoy my God-given talent of putting nouns and verbs together in such a way that will make one woman, one, wife, one mommy feel not quite so alone. I want to put on paper all that is eff’d up in my brain so that one person will know they are not crazy – or at least not crazy by themselves. I want to honor all that is good in me so that one tired soul will be reminded of the same good in them and they can get some rest. I want to talk about it honestly so that maybe one woman will have the words and maybe one man will too.

Everyone has a story. The ones that get told the loudest are usually not those of folks just like you or just like me. I am the paycheck to paycheck family. I am the 4 kids, no nanny mom. I am the big dreamer who still feels wide ass awake. I am the giver who often feels like she has nothing to give and takes too much. I am the parent who can manage to follow exactly none of the “perfect mommy” rules in the “your precious child” handbook. I am the sister, daughter, friend who feels closeness and emptiness all at the same time because I think you deserve so much more than what you got in me. I am the fighter who knows, at least at some level, I am a great warrior, full of goodness and possibility – I just wish I could remember that all the times when I forget.

My book is valuable because I am valuable. And so are you. My book is important because I am important. And so are you. I care and you care because for a minute we have been wondering if we really are the only ones that think this way. And now we know we are not.

I go to fashion my “you are the last person on the planet who doesn’t get it” shield. I offer to you as well. As Spartans we will be able to weather the valleys in the shade of togetherness.

And I have duct tape and first hand knowledge of its effectiveness in adhering some one to a chair. So there is that.