Life in Pictures

I’ve just been informed by my 4yo at her open house that these are “sensory bottles”


What did we ever do before this little invention…seriously?


In my coffee maker…Right NOW!


This little “left behind” found on my walk this morning made my heart warm for reasons unknown to me :)


Some of the Reasons I Love Coastal Georgia

As part of my “in my skin” journey, I took the dog for a walk. I had the day off and if I don’t have go anywhere, I am not – not even the gym. But I figure a 5.5 mile walk with my big, beautiful – although somewhat unruly – German Shepard has to count.

I decided to take the camera. I am glad I did. I didn’t take too many pictures. Kinda hard to justify it as exercise if I am just snapping landscapes. Ok, maybe not hard to justify. But 24 hours with no nicotine will have you trying to get out of anything that keeps you away from a bag of chips.

And, oddly enough, the hardest part was forcing myself to put on sunscreen…

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Buttery White Wine Injected Chicken After

To busy eating it to post last night – it was a family hit 🙂


Buttery White Wine Injected Chicken Before


Creative Coast and atdc Savannah Presents “Food for Thought”


Great start from John W. Chiaro’s “How to Succeed in Sales.”

Left over Lucy : Before and After



Fried up some eggs and paired them with some left over crusted chicken. Reheated the chicken in the skillet and added just a bit of buffalo sauce.

I love breakfast 🙂

Answer to the question, “How do I make my family get out of bed?”