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Daring The Real Clint to Unfollow ME

I often pitch and sway between the ideas of writing consistently or comfortably. I know I have been told many times “you gotta be consistent.” Most folks smarter than me will insist on schedule and timeliness of posts, coherent thought…meh, I am going with “whatever.”

As I am certain I have said before (both sourced and pretending that it was my own) it is not about technology, it is about behavior (h/t Jeff Turner).  If there was a purpose to the idea that I made your phone ring every even day during the odd months and odd days during the even months, well maybe I would do that. However, if I am placing the call just to make the phone ring, well now, that’s a waste of both of our time, isn’t it?

So true is blogging and tweeting and facebooking and all that other neat stuff I love. And oh the cute little toys they come up with in these little places. The newest one I found was Follow Friday Helper. I found it because my bald-headed super hero friend is considering unfriending folks for using it. I think I mean more to him than that. I hope he doesn’t call my bluff.

But wait, Clint! What if I take the technology (Follow Friday Helper) and infuse it with behavior (my sunny personality) and do it something like this…

Follow Friday Helper Tweeps

@mommahopeful – With her sword swinging son, this Momma can take over the world! Authentic is a cliché until you read Heather’s blog The Hopeful Elephant.  This female is the cat’s meow, strength personified. And she isn’t perfect. She doesn’t pretend to be. This makes her all the more wonderful.

@innatmulberry – Yeah it’s a business account. But if you live in the coastal area, plan to visit our fine spot on the map, or want to see a great example of business twitter done well, this is a great follow. I am learning things I didn’t even know (and I am amazingly local!)

@bnix – Brad is a worthy follow based on his shoes alone. If you need more than that, frankly we need to discuss your priorities. But since you insist, Brad is so smart it is stupid to think about. His innovative style is taking his piece of the world by storm and it is some exciting stuff to watch. Makes me wish he was doing it closer to the coast. Oh, and his wife is gorgeous.

@idoandbabiestoo – This female has every single quality that I look for in folks to follow – she is smart, beautiful, funny, local and beleives in the cyber cheers and toasts. Oh, and she is super good at stuff I am totally bad at (which is interesting since I have, in fact said “I Do and Babies Too”)

@mumsysrefuge – My newest online friend. She is encouraging, honest, and soulful. Not to mention, her blog header is one of the coolest I have seen in a while. This is my new friendship gift to her.

@unicornbeauty – Host to one of the neatest ideas I have seen in a while. It is kinda throw back to the original blog days of online hang out and meet ups in the comment sections of a blog. I don’t know if it still goes on now, but this is the first I have seen in a minute. And she picked me. I appreciate that. I pick her back.

And that, is my #FF via Follow Friday Helper…here is hoping @TheRealClint still thinks I am “#kickingbutt.”


Thank’s For Making Me A Fighter

Alrighty, so I already know I am going to regret using that title when I decide to post my Rocky Balboa “let me tell you something you already know” post or “The 10 ways I do and don’t want my kids to be like Christina Aguilera”. But, in my attempt to live more in the here and now, I am running with it – even if, while sincere, it is a bit overstated.

It has been an amazing week. It started with this little “damn I shouldn’t have eaten that pizza after midnight/Jerry Maguire” post {In My Own Skin}. It grew into a wonderfully supported and seemingly universally guided fireball of affirmation. I love it when you make decisions and it seems like the whole existence has been called down to confirm you choice. It doesn’t happen to me very often, so I enjoy it when I can.

I am going to the gym, working out, wearing sunscreen and getting serious about finances (for starters I quit buying smokes). This whole process, in the beginning is total love/hate. Also, it can be a bit overwhelming because there are tons of folks out there who are more than happy to tell you how they think you should handle your business. But I digress. Here are

Folks I Follow so I can be a Better Badass

@parentxperiment – One of my 2 favorite finds this week. So, I am getting ready for my first walk in forever. Really looking for a great time and I plan on being gone for awhile. I really don’t want any boom-shocka-locka music or learning the power of our inner beauty and connecting with our soul glow session. So, I peruse the podcast and come across The Parent Experiment. Hosted by Lynette Carolla (wife of Adam Carolla) and Stefanie Wilder Taylor (not the wife of James Taylor), these ladies and their guests talk about being mommies. No, seriously, they talk about BEING mommies. This isn’t fluff net, suitable for the whole family, I’ll bet my preschool resume is cooler than your preschool resume kind of show. I love it, it rocks and I am a fan. They made 11 1/2 miles in two days seem like a walk to the mailbox.

@100daysrealfood – The other of my 2 favorite finds this week (hat tip to Rocky). Lisa Leake  is a North Carolina wife and mommy of two of the prettiest little girls. She is waging war (and winning) against processed food. Yeah, so there are a bunch of folks like this, I know. But I like Lisa. She has the heart of a teacher – rarely do I find her waving a billy club to beat her readers in the head. She gets the kid thing. She gets the budget thing. She gets the balance thing. She gets a whole lotta crap. And she is only a little snarky, no matter what anyone else says about her.

@couponmom – OK, so I almost didn’t post this one because I don’t think it is an actual manned twitter account. GASP!! I know. But, when I thought about its usefulness in what it is, I figured, what the hell, it’s my blog and I will post it if I want to. This twitter stream is full of updates on some of the best deals and discounts.  Drug stores, groceries, clothing – you name it – if there is a deal, it flutters through, click, bang done. I could really get into this saving money business (did I mention I am in real estate :/)

@geekend2011 – one of the coolest things to ever happen to Savannah. Our Creative Coast has outdone themselves this time. While the actual Geekend isn’t until November (October if you are going in Boston), this twitter feed will give you plenty of geek to bridge the gap. Those freaking copper magnets kept my eyeballs glued to the screen – and I can’t figure out why. If you ever need a forward, cutting edge thought, or need some inspiration for your own blow out ideas, this twitter stream is rich with opportunity.

@SavCraftBrew – The whole reason Geekend is only one of the coolest things in Savannah. The Savannah Craft Brewfest makes me want to quit my day job, develop a master line of micro brews and force the Savannah Area Convention and Visitors Bureau to let me be Coastal Brew Diva. I am really embracing this healthier, wholer life – but, you are gonna pry my beer from my cold dead hands. The smokes, you can have – you ain’t gettin’ my beer. Maybe I will save enough money on coupon mom to make the tickets to the BrewFest free…and I am pretty sure I will have worked out enough to afford a teeny weekend of calories. Pop a cold one, I’ve earned it!

@brandipearl – When this chick and I met, we didn’t know each other at all. It didn’t matter. Brandi is such an open, warm, sincere, person, making friends is easy – especially if you are in line for the bar at a kick ass ReTechSouth party.  Brandi is my kind of people. She is, well, Brandi. Oh and she is also the Brains in @MauraNeill’s zombie Apocalypse team. Which is good for Maura. Brandi will do well in the “make you laugh,” “hold down the fort,” and “the kick zombie ass” departments. I’d take her to the CraftBrew Fest.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Put It Out There

So it has been a week. And when I say that, I do not mean it has been amazingly wonderful or graphically horrible. I take either one better than I can handle both – which is pretty much what this week has been. Kingda Ka ain’t got nothing on my week.

There was wonderful family time and a tragic death of a beautiful woman. My grandma called to tell me I was “spectacular” after reading my article in the local newspaper. Someone else thinks I suck for the same article. There were professional wins and losses. I had an exhaustive day getting the kids ready for school then got the four out the door the following morning – the oldest a high school freshman, the baby beginning pre-k. I am feeling a bit emotional.

I am searching deep for my inner snark, who is usually always available and on call. Smart assed humor always helps to calm the fear of releasing my inner cheese and writing the next reject show for Lifetime.

Not really feeling it. So instead, I have decided to pare down the number of Follow Fridays today, embrace the cheddar, and hope somebody has a big box of Ritz.

You make me want to be better

@PhxREguy: When I got out of the Navy and started my real estate career, I was no fish and couldn’t spell pond. It was absolute hell trying to figure out my way, my style, my money after the startling realization that real estate does not have auto payday on the 1st and the 15th with additional benefits for sick kids.

I started blogging because writing was the one thing I could do myself without having to pay anybody. Blogging wasn’t huge yet, but it was well on its way – there were already some emerging cool kids.

Jay and I, through ways I can’t remember now, crossed paths. For whatever reason, he invited me under his wing, into his circle and offered what he knew. I had nothing to offer and still cannot repay the kindness. But he is still offering that support and friendship nearly 6 years later. That kind of heart makes me want to be a better person.

@headmutha: I have never had any problem telling the world just how I feel about the Turner family. But my fascination with Rocky has always felt stalkerish. Don’t look at me like that – if you don’t know at least one real person who makes you goofy star struck, you need cooler people to know.

I realized that I feel that way because I always focus on the cool stuff Rocky does – not the person I think she is. I feel like I know her – I realize I might be all wrong and wish I knew her better. But, I am pretty good at this kind of thing (makes up for the fact that I can’t sing), so I am just gonna put it out there.

Rocky makes it easier for me to be comfortable with the crazy, twisted, wonderful scary thing that is my own skin. She seems eclectic, smart, beautiful, confident and strong. That by itself would be intimidating as hell – it’s like an airbrushed super model. And there are few things about airbrushed I can relate to.

But airbrushed she is not. She has shown herself to have fears, hurts, and questions just like, well, me. And she has demonstrated that fear, overwhelming moments, and general real life stuff is not what defines her – it is how she reacts to those things that are important.

In this display I find a renewed understanding in the idea that I am not flawed or broken – I am beautifully woman. I get back to wanting to be a better person.

@TheRealClint: I wish I could tell you that I know Clint and his family. I wish I could tell you that we connected and have communicated online for years and I am proud to now introduce you to him. I wish I could tell you all the quirky things about him that real friends know. I don’t, we haven’t, and I can’t.

Clint is currently kicking cancer’s ass. Through this epic display of strength and family unity, Clint’s friends have rallied around him. We have some of the same friends and the battle cry could not go unnoticed. What I found was inspiring.

Clint is a real guy, with a real wife, with real children with a real life or death situation. I can’t even begin to imagine. And what you will find about Clint is he is a positive, strong individual – but he ain’t no show off. He hurts and, while he doesn’t wallow, he appreciates the support. He is proud, but no so prideful that he doesn’t know when to reach out. He is strong, but he is quick to give credit to his wife, children and friends for shoring him up . He is challenged, but he refuses to be overrun.

I watch this example from a distance. I watch as instead of focusing on himself, he is quick to return that support to others that need it. I watch as he takes a completely suck situation and turns it into something that is enriching the lives of so many. I watch as what would shatter many has emboldened and solidified. Who am I when I whine about the chores, the job or the weather? I watch the love displayed from and around Clint and I want to be a better person.

I appreciate the three of you very much. Just felt like there was no better time than now to tell you. Hope everyone else will excuse the sap. I won’t apologize for it, but I understand it ain’t always comfortable. I promise I will return to the regularly scheduled program in a bit.

What Do You Mean Only ONE Bathroom?!?!

This was the question posed by my very confused – and obviously sheltered – children during their first trip to the family home in the country.

“I have to go pee.”

“There’s somebody in there. You’ll have to wait.”

“Can’t I just go use the other one?”

“There is no ‘other’ bathroom.”

**Cue twisted up confused face and cricket sounds.

Once the idea sunk in that this was a normal feature of homes this age, they became quite comfortable with the fact and proceeded to have a wonderful weekend. In fact, we had such a good time, we are leaving again today.

So before I sign off for another weekend sans internet (way cooler than it sounds) I leave you with

Chicks I Would Share a Bathroom With
*sorry fellas…you understand

@RealLifeSheri – Coached me to 1,000th tweet which took WAY longer than it should have (my fault – no hers). Besides being completely encouraging, an outstanding real estate professional and a great mom, Sheri has great shoes. I hope she leaves a pair in the bathroom because I will lie and swear I haven’t seen them.

@MauraNeill – From baseball hat to bad ass evening wear, this hottie rocks it all. Always a lady, don’t mistake her goodness for weakness – she is a strong female. Amazingly warm, incredibly giving, The Braves and Maura make Atlanta a little brighter.

@PhotoShirlz – While I will insist that camera does not make it into the potty, with Shirley around, you will want it everywhere else. Shirley encourages people to be better and women to empowered. She sees beauty everywhere and captures it to share with others.

@LisaArcherRE – 1/2 of The Geeky Girls. The other half being Laurie Davis, who is also welcome to share a bathroom. These chicas rock the “Geeky” shirt like nobody’s business. Their clients appreciate it too. So do the rest of us who get to learn from their insight. Not only is Geek sexy, it is downright useful too. Oh, and they drink their beer from the bottle, sans cup – right on.

@peachy92 – Watched the Casey Anthony trial so I didn’t have to. I don’t think I have ever properly thanked her for that. And who doesn’t love a woman who adores our Atlanta Braves?

@OutdoorLori – Another one of my treasured IRL mets this year. Her Twitter tag – “I have guns,dogs, skis, saddles, & boots.” I love her.

#FollowFriday Twitter and Gone

First, let me say and big “thank you” for all the support that has been given to my Twitter #FollowFriday format. My little blog had a ton of company last week. I appreciate it very much and I am thrilled to be introducing, highlighting and really patting on the back some really awesome people who deserve it.

None of us can do it alone. I love the way Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other various social media sites have allowed geographically challenged collaboration, education and relationships to really flourish.

I, however, will be unable to participate in these activities for a day or so. It has been a while since I have been totally off the grid, but it will happen later today. Super stoked about taking the family for a little together time out at the farm-house. No internet, no cable and spotty cell service – there is, however, indoor plumbing.

So, on this #FF, I give you

Folks that can Hold Down Twitter in My Absence

@MikeMueller – Said I was “better than bacon.” Who cares what else he has to say. Just know that he said that. Ok, he says a lot of other cool stuff too.

@LennarAtlanta – King of Sharpies. Don’t let the corporate-builder-nonpersonal looking twitter facade fool you. There is a real person and tons of personality.

@savtweetup – One of the coolest new social groups to hit Savannah. If you are a Coastal Georgia local or plan to visit, this is a must follow. Cool venues, cool people, hot city.

@JasonCrouch – Yet another reason I think Texas is so cool. I swear if I didn’t LOVE Coastal Georgia, I would move West. Jason is the perfect example of good, smart and awesome to know. Seems to be a trait in the Lone Star State.

@JoshCantwell – Always good for a non-cheesy motivational moment with a side of real estate sales information. Great follow for those of us hanging tough in this amazing market.

@Gahlord – One of the smartest. people. ever. You name it and this guy can make it interesting. I feel smarter ever time I see him. Heck, I GET smarter every time I see him.

On #FF, Good Guys Finish Roughly 47th

Alas, another slow writing week. I did find a minute to get Turn Around Tuesday out the door. I also stopped by my friend’s place. Glad Doggett indulged my need to rage against the witch for a spell. My traipsing around the interwebs was also stunted by my fascination with google+ and a MOUND of work. But I am not complaining about either. Google+ is turning out to be super slick and I am always thankful for my job.

The kids go back to school soon. It has become pretty evident that I have got to get a handle on my schedule or the whole thing is going to spontaneously combust all over my calendar and minivan.

In times like these, it is great to know that regardless of life’s ebbs and flows, there are still an abundance of

Simply. Nice. People.

And, to show you how truly awesome today’s #FF is – they aren’t just nice – but they are crazy smart too 🙂

@CWaterhouse – Calie blows the whole notion of Internet Interactions being impersonal and fake. After vaguely circling each other online and meeting briefly at ReTech South in 2010, Calie and I have managed to maintain a fantastic friendship. A big brain and a bigger heart, Calie is one cool chicha.

@mikelyon – New construction is a slightly different animal than the traditional real estate business I formerly practiced. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike while fire hydrant drinking at my first International Builders Show earlier this year. Since then, Mike has never failed to be a wealth of information. He pointed me down the path to great video emails which improved my ability to communicate with customers tremendously. His twitter feed is always full of neat new shiny – my favorite to date being The Email Game. Regardless of your industry, this follow is a good one.

@donnacutting – We share the same birthday. After that, seriously, what else is there? Well, in the case of Donna – TONS! This customer service diva blends witty, insightful and plain common sense into a jam up package. Author of The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service, Donna’s twitterings inspire and motivate.

@ChrisCree – I would bore you to tears if I sat here and told you all the eleventy BILLION ways this guy has made me smarter. In any location, Chris would be considered cutting edge. But in our little corner of the country, Chris was light years ahead of most in the Social Media arena. The only place Chris knows to come from is contribution. One of the most stellar individuals I know.

@travisro – Another ReTech South win. I became aware of Travis during the Twitter interactions leading up to the 2011 conference. As a main stage presenter at the conference, his fresh approach and smart delivery interested me. When I met his wife, Lisa, and realized he could also snag the attention of the smart and beautiful woman, I was a fan!  Travis and Lisa were one of my favorite meets of ReTech 2011. Fresh, fun and encouraging – winning combination.

@mb168 – This guy is good for…well…whatever. If you are a coastal Georgia local, Marc is a must follow. This is also true if you are a techie, chef or Disney enthusiast. Never at a loss for great twittersation, Marc has been a great resource for tech wonderings and general funnies.

And while I appreciate the pros and cons of Klout – I thought it was fun to note that these guys have an average score of 47. Without nauseating over indulgent spammy content, these super nice, awesome examples of twitterificness still tag in the numbers. That is as it should be…Simply. Nice. People. FTW 🙂


Twitter + RSS = Awesome #FF

It has been a crazy week. In fact, I just noticed that outside of Turn Around Tuesday, this Follow Friday article is the only thing I have written. I was really shook when I realized I didn’t have any new, meaningful interactions on the interwebs – mostly because I haven’t been there.

But, I have been keeping up with my RSS feed (mostly – three days back is acceptable, I think). So for this #FF, I offer you

Tweeters Who Rock Awesome Blogs

And please, before we go any further…Yes, it finally donned on me to screenshot versus taking the picture with my phone. Yes, I should have thought of sooner. Yes, I feel rather sheepish about it. But alas, you didn’t mention it either.

@TheBloggess – This beautiful slice of funny was discovered on a day I just needed a laugh. Glad Doggett, my personal joyologist, was there in a jiffy – with a Big. Metal. Chicken. Yes a big metal chicken. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard but I have laughed like that again since. Who writes this kind of stuff for an anniversary?

I’m pretty sure Victor and I just had a fight that he wasn’t even awake for. Which is a little disrespectful, in my opinion.   But fine. I forgive you, Victor. Because your bizarre (probable) feelings about octopuses and anuses are worth my patience and understanding. I love you even when you’re being ridiculous and purposely contrary.  Please try harder tomorrow when you’re awake.

@billdawers – A Savannahian must. Bill is a super smart guy with a wealth of Savannah insight. He does an amazing job aggregating some really great information and putting it into a usable, applicable and interesting  format. Interestingly enough, I don’t know Bill “IRL” which is odd…but his RSS is jam up!

@DinnerLoveStory – Encouraging families everywhere to bring dinner back to the table – at least most of the time. Jennifer and Andy accomplish the best balance of “hey, you know this is a good idea” with “yeah, it’s work – we will help make it easier and not beat you over the head with your shortcoming.” Beautiful. Awesome dinner ideas and fun ways to get the family involved in the joys of great food.

You can assume I know how busy you are and how many other things are ahead of “thaw chicken for dinner” on today’s to-do list. I will never fault you for firing up a frozen pizza when you can’t bear to turn on the stove. I will never judge you for not coughing up the extra bucks for the organic broccoli. And I will never promise you that family dinner is something that can be figured out in five easy steps!

Caffeinated OC Mommy – Sing with me! One of these things is not like the other…one of these things just isn’t the same. Yeah, as far as I know, this SoCo maternal does not have a twitter account. I don’t care – she is the STUFF! Her well thought out advice for Mommies in the summer was PRICELESS! I so want to have coffee with her…but her identity is fairly elusive…

@adaddyblog – Since I had a mommy blog, I wanted to make sure the daddies got their equal time. Not entirely true. This guy had me at the Disney Princess thing. YES!! I am not alone!! This blogging poppa ain’t even afraid to talk about stretch marks. A great read, goodhearted look at the other side of parenting.

@agentgenius – One of the smartest group of real estate minded people on the web. They amaze me on a regular basis with their depth and breadth of information. Techno gadgetry, commercial real estate, housing trends, legislative issues, hot button topics, market ideas – you name it, they got it. Oh, and the head chica is a hottie 😉

Go fill your reader, tell ’em April sent ya, and feel free to add your favorites below 🙂


Happy Birthday to ME! Twitter #FF

Yeah, I know we are all supposed to come from a place of contribution and its about what you can give and the authentic social media community is about others before self and that interweb karma will love you. And I follow that – most days…but yesterday was my 35th birthday. So, today’s #FF IS ALL ABOUT ME!!!! (mmkkay – maybe a little about you too 😉

Social Media is always the coolest on your birthday. Cell phone dinging all day with cool little notes from all over the place. It is just awesome. This year, I recalled Todd Carpenter’s article on Facebook friends. We disagree (rather, we choose to handle our Facebook accounts differently). And I also recalled Jeff Turner explaining to a group of gun-shy, social media learners that it is not about technology, it is about behavior.

Those two ideas rattled around in my head and I decided that I would not blanket post on Facebook or mass tweet the “Thanks everybody for a great birthday.” If I were at a party, in a room, I wouldn’t stand quietly and let everyone walk by and wish me a happy birthday then grab a mic and thank them all at once. I would hug and shake hands and speak with everyone.

And if I am going to have large amounts of friends, then I must also agree to interact with large numbers of people. Otherwise, out of common courtesy and respect to others, I would have to defriend or unfollow those who I would not interact with.

So I answered everybody. It was a task, but I enjoyed it. All you great people deserved it. You took time out of your day to make mine special. I appreciated that and I want you to know it.

So, here is my “Happy Birthday to ME!!” #FF


@TypeItLoud – One of my favorite bloggers EVER. She has all the right stuff – awesome humor, super smart, lives close by, coolio family (and she thinks I am amazing). Always a great day when one of those folks you admire share in your day. Oh, and she introduced me to Jewish rap, which is cool, and not just anybody can do that!

@fairtaxmom – One of the smartest women I know. This busy mom took the time to video her cutie patootie singing little ole me Happy Birthday. I love those kids…they are as rotten as mine 🙂 In all honesty, this lady doesn’t tweet very much…she should. She is a wealth of ideas and information. I say we all follow her and goad into some more sharing. Come on Carrie, being greedy with that big brain is not very nice 😉

@respres – Married to one of my favorite people in the world. Alright, he is really cool too. And he can sing 🙂 it seems. With a Jack Nicholson type of cool, he sorts through and levels out those things that are over hyped, passed by, over played, under noticed and generally serves as one of my dowsing rods in these funky interwebs.

@donlogana – Honestly, didn’t even know this local news guy had a twitter account. His picture wouldn’t load and I tried to fix it. However, it seemed par for the course as he seems to live for the wacked out. Don wished me a happy birthday…I felt compelled to confess that I stalk his facebook page. Super funny guy and WTOC is fortunate to have him. His twitter feed is full of local news stuff, so a must follow for us Coastal Georgia folks. But every once in a while you get a beauty like this ~

Red Box needs a time limit. If you can’t pick your movie in 1 minute…a fist pops out and punches you in the face.

@thekencookPut me on a radio show, called me “one sharp peach”, and made the video that had me laughing all day. What else do you need? Ok….he is a super smart techie guy, over the top nice, can survive Atlanta, and put me on a radio show (yeah, I know I said it twice – it was

@PhilGerb – The Make it Great Guy picked up the phone and CALLED. How uber cool is that?!? Unfortunately I was super swamped at the job. Since that is how I pay for said cell phone that he called me on, I figured I had better get back to work so he could call me again next year 🙂 His twitter feed is full of the same encouraging, make it great stuff.

So there you go, Happy Birthday to me…back to focusing on you next Friday 🙂

New Twitter #FF (or) Why I dig the 120 (or) Proof Mike Mueller is Spying on Me

So, as of late I have been spending more and more time on Twitter and, as a consequence, less time on Facebook. It really isn’t that I love one more than the other. I am just finding more usable information on Twitter (read Twitter makes my brain grow).

Because of the wondrous nature of Hootsuite, I have succeeded in developing quite the organized feed manager. The result, better connections with folks I already like, great information from people I trust on topics I am interested in, and new connections with people I think I might like and trust that I may create a connection with but can deep six with no harm no foul if we decide we aren’t right for each other (it’s not you, it’s me, really).

It occurred to me last night that I needed to resume my #FF (Follow Friday) posts. I also knew that I wanted to introduce you to these folks in a way that 120 just doesn’t handle (yeah, I know 140 – but the RT MAN, THE RT!!) So, I decided that, in the manner of Stilettitastic, I would always create a bloggy post to accompany my #FF. I went to sleep feeling very accomplished with my new idea.

THEN, I find THIS in my fantastic Hootsuite Feed

Before you get all FollowFridayGiggly please read my rant. It applies equally to #FF (please)

OOOOO….blasted full of constantly great ideas, Mike Mueller takes on Klout in an outstanding way and simultaneously upstaging my wonderfully brilliant idea. BAH – oh well, at least the company is good.

So here is my #FF Stilettitastic style

@startabuzz – This fab female CREATED the word “Stilettitastic” simply because I needed a word. She loves coffee, biscuits and following me. Her hobbies include jam up wordsmithing, taking over the world in a cape, and following me. What is there not to love?

@gladdoggett – If Twitter made cheerleader costumes, this chick would get a free one. An absolute BOTTOMLESS wealth of contribution, Glad lives up to her name everyday. And, she is solely responsible for one of my greatest joys – a 5 foot steel chicken named Beyonce (at least it wasn’t towels).

@JillianRowe – If I could live a parallel life, I would want one like this. She has no idea that I live vicariously through her on a regular basis and she is my constant reminder to have fun. Beautiful, talented, fearless, awesome in my twitter feed everyday.

@Inspired_D – Chica and I go way back. So far back that 6 or 7 years I could’ve written the sentence “I so appreciate this chica for learning me about MySpace blogging. We have been friends forever.” Yeah, I said MySpace. We rocked it. Twitter, we rock it too

@sgourley – I found this guy via TED Blog. I tweeted it, he followed me, I am stoked. Super smart cat, I read a bit of the website everyday to wrap my mind around the work of Quid. The use of data thrills me and my little mind strives to catch it. Also, he reminds my of my crush, Charlie.

@Ribeezie – This guy tried to smear me by suggesting on the interwebs that I am flaky enough to leave $5 coffee on the roof of my car and then drive off. He failed. Folks consider the source with that kind of thing. He is my friend and runs a rock solid project for blogging real estate agents – so, I gave him a pass. He also calls my husband “husband”…yeah, its weird, but its Ribeezie.

So there Mike Muller. Steal my thunder! The least you can do now is share and retweet 🙂

This is your American Idol…

Anybody out there watching Idol? We have been following it here on My Beautiful Chaos.

As my friends so accurately perceived weeks ago…it is the war of the David’s.

Yeah…so what? Archie had a better night last night. But he is so OMG irritating.

Any thoughts out there while we are waiting for the results?