They get so big so fast

So, I guess this is the first post of many that I will write over the next 18 years.  55 posts if my math is right.  It is a baby’s birthday.

Ask me what my favorite holiday is and I will tell you, “Birthday!” Yours, mine, theirs, whoever’s – I love birthdays. And my kids are my most favorite.


My Savannah is turning six but we had her party Saturday. A pool party to be exact. And my Savannah, never to miss a connection, decides on a “Lilo and Stitch” cake and Luau decorations. Instead of party hats, we had leis, with my Savannah picking out her own very special one. And, of course, Webkinz were the present of the day – the pink poodle winning the grand prize. (Please notice the missing tooth – it is her first and she is so very proud.)

It is not often my heart is light and heavy at the same time. But it does always seem to happen during a birthday party.

Do you have any NEW information fo me?

My 5 year old, is brilliant.  Really – these are not just the words of a proud mommy.  Her brain works faster than most, with more clarity, and catches more information.  While it excites me to no end to think of the awesome woman she will become – dealing with an strong willed, logical, 5 year old master negotiator can be some what trying.

Typical conversation goes like this
Her – Mommy, can I have (whatever)
Me – Not now
Her – Why?
Me – Because (whatever reason)
Her – But (“objection” to the reason)
Me – No sweetheart
Her -But what if (“solution” to the reason)
Me – No
Her – But (repeat objection/solution)
Me – No
Her – But (reword and repeat objection/solution)

Does this sound familiar to anybody else out there? I laugh because I hear adults speak to each other this way sometimes.  I have even had end this back and forth with a salesman the same way I end it with my daughter.

Me – Do you have any new information to add to this conversation?
Her – No ma’am (she pouts, turns around, and finds something else to do)

The Confessions of a (Relatively) Perfect Mom

I love being a mommy – it is truly one of my favorite things. My four daughters are a joy in my life and I wouldn’t trade them for a thing in the world. Ask them and they will tell you – I am the best mom in the world. In fact, I do consider myself the perfect mom.

***Begin playing sappy music***

McDonald’s is not a staple of our diet. We have family movie night. I am cautious of the movies they watch, clothes they wear, music they hear, and the friends they have.  We discuss values and citizenship. We see the dentist twice a year and the doctor for regular check ups. We discuss stranger safety. Chores are a must. School work is priority – even in the summer.

***Record playing sappy music scratches to a halt***

Let’s get real…I am a great mom, relatively.  While all the above statements are true, let me let you in on some more truths.

We rush in the morning to get to school on time. They probably watch too much TV.  The kitchen isn’t always clean. I don’t read to them for 30 minutes every night. Sometimes I just want to be left alone. They brush their teeth at least once a day, but definitely not after every meal. There is always laundry to be done. We don’t always eat together. I am ready for summer break to be over. Sometimes dinner comes out of a box. Their room is a mess and I am tired of fighting about it. I have made the mad dash to Wal-Mart to get supplies for a school project that is due the next day.

Why tell you all this? Because I believe I am not alone. I believe that there are a ton of mommies – probably most – out there who feel overwhelmed and under performed most of the time.  I believe that these moms (dads too?) carry around heavy guilt that makes the hardest job in the world even harder. I believe that we think we are the only ones dealing with these feelings and ask ourselves why we can’t have it “together” like the super mom who lives down the street (who, by the way, is probably thinking the same thing about you.)

I believe there are far too many of us asking ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?”

The answer – Nothing, except being human.

I believe our children deserve the very best we can give them. I don’t think that looks like perfection. I think it looks like unconditional love. Kids don’t care so much about “stuff” when they feel protected and cared for. Don’t believe me? Watch a kid’s face light up when they get the one present they wanted most.  Then watch his heartbreak when you won’t play with him. The toy means nothing without the love.

We spend so much time trying to be a perfect mom to the world and then feel like a failure when we can’t pull it off. Wouldn’t that time and energy be better spent on something you can do – like being the perfect mom to your kid?

My NewsBowl Champ!

The school year is almost over. We are participating in all the regular end of the year activities.  Today was the Awards Program for Madison.  I couldn’t have been more proud.She received an award for the Honor Roll – we expected that. Her grades are usually pretty good. But we, and several other parents, got a real treat.Madison participates in the gifted program at school. Every Friday, she and a few of her classmates go to their SEEK class and participate in various mind expanding activities. One of the programs they participate in is the News Bowl. This is a national program that looks to involve students in learning about current events.

Well, Madison’s team won 1st in the state and 6th in the Nation. Her group received the News Bowl certificate and another for the Principal’s achievement award.

Big congrats to the 4th grade SEEK!!  We love you, Bear!

Happy Mother’s Day

I love my family.  How’s that for an understatement? I didn’t have a Mother’s Day – I had, like, 4!

My husband and I don’t typically exchange gifts on holidays – we save all that for the kids. But, this Mother’s Day, he informed me earlier this week, he was going to the jewelry store. Did I have any input? Well, heck yeah! If you’re gonna spend that kind of money, can we go to the Sprint store instead? Geeky, I know. But, I have been coveting the Treo for months – maybe a year already. He’s glad he asked and, of course, I can get whatever I want. YAY!! But, I can’t get into Savannah until Friday. Boo! The anticipation really was exciting. Finally, I get my phone! How cool is that! Brand spanking new Treo 755 – go to the website and it is still listed as “coming soon.” Full of myself and my new gadget – maybe just a bit. But, you’ll have to indulge me. I don’t get to be on the cutting edge very often.

As if that weren’t enough, my wonderful husband takes us all (our whole family, my folks, and his) to our favorite restaurant. And, I don’t even have to wait until Sunday. Vickie has to work on Mother’s Day (what a bunch of crap!) so we decide to go on Saturday.Really better all the way around – surely not as crowed. Fantastic food (I LOVE seafood), the girls behave beautifully, everybody has a good time, and it isn’t even Sunday yet!

Well, now it is and who could ask for more? Wonderful husband, beautiful kids, two of the best moms in the world, great food, awesome present, and Earl wins Survivor. I truly get more than I deserve.



Doctors and Dentist and Children – Oh My!

I was fairly certain that yesterday was gonna be a long one.  I was not disappointed.

The two oldest girls needed their six month dentist checkup – so did I for that matter.  To make things easier, I scheduled them all for the same time.  At the last minute, my office meeting was rescheduled for the same day – ugh.  Drop the kids off at school, get to the office, dash back to pick the girls up for the appointment. Of course they are horrified at my timing.  One would think they would be elated to leave in the middle of the day.  But, unbeknown to me, I had interrupted music and gym class – I should be ashamed!

The girls like the dentist (crazy, I know), so that didn’t make me too nervous.  What I had not anticipated was what they would do to occupy themselves while I was in the chair.  The office is equipped for children – maybe too well.  I hear them chasing each other with the “bug pops out of the bubble gum wrapper” toy.  Not acceptable.  Let’s color.  Savannah decides she wants to be the one to clean my teeth.  She gets to hold the water sucker thing.  She does real good for a minute.  Then she puts in her mouth, tries to suck up things on her shirt and mine, gets bored and drops it.  We need a new one.

Finish up pay the bill (I think my dental insurance costs me more than I save).  Got to get them lunch (they have missed it at school), get them back to class and make it across town because I have a doctor’s appointment myself.  Girls had not considered that they would have to go back to school.  The children that I had to drag out of school now have to be dragged back. Always a pleasant experience.

Get to my doctor’s appointment and the planets must be aligned.  No traffic so I wasn’t late.  Great doctor and she wasn’t late either.  In and out and good to go.  Have to get back across town to round up all the children.  Two oldest – check.  Two youngest – check…wait a minute…

Emily has a fever. She is not happy about it and it is obvious her ear is bothering her.  The change in weather coupled with all this pollen as made her stuff and now I am sure it is in her ears.  Fever gets higher, give her some medicine to help her feel better and watch.  1 AM – fever is back, higher than before and Emily is miserable. Definitely her ears and maybe a bit of sinus.

Today should have been catch up work day after Dentist/Doctor day. Oh well, will have to reschedule that for essentials during nap time. As much as I love real estate, my Emily is way cooler.  I know you are not surprised.

Off to start my Doctor/Mommy day.