BRH Rules of the Road

Richmond Hill has some smart and opinionated folks. One visit to morning coffee at The Hill of Beans, a stroll through Bryan County News online or a local meeting is proof of that. That is the single greatest asset this website has. However, it is the internet and the offense is still a good defense. So, we have a policy…fun, I know.

If there is an article or discussion that you would like to discuss, wonderful! The site is set up to handle that. For each article, there is a “Leave a Comment” feature. This allows you to leave ideas and thoughts directly to the page. It has some neat features that some of you are already aware of.

The form has a space for your name. I like to know who you are. There is also a spot for your email address. Don’t worry, I don’t sell them. However, they are required to help maintain the integrity of the site. More on that in a bit. Then there is a spot for your web address. Please format it This will create a link to your website from your name. This is a great option as BRH has a “do follow” policy. A comment here counts as a link to your site. See why I have to make sure commenters are the real deal?

Because I invite and enjoy your input, it is necessary to institute a comment policy. Not to deter you, but to keep those who would be less than constructive out. Hate it, but it is necessary.

* Be Golden – Treat others the way you would want to be treated. If that is a bit vague or not quite fitting for those who don’t care how they are treated, I reserve the right to ask that you treat others the way I want to be treated.
* Be Productive – Most folks are working towards a common goal of growth and betterment. Support that. Sound a bit Pollyanna? Maybe, but I am not so sure that’s a bad thing.
* Be Relevant – It is hard to come to a solution or discuss an idea if somebody insists on talking about something else. If there is a topic you would like to cover, contact us directly.
* Be Linky – Feel free to post relative links back to your site. I appreciate the bloggers that support me and I intend on returning the favor. If you are providing good content and great discussion, I hope you know that my house is your house…link it.

And I think that about covers it. Of course I reserve the right to modify this policy if the need arises. I also reserve the right to pull comments that are not in line with my policy. If you are a spammer, no explanation for you. But, if you are a legitimate participant, I will be more than happy to discuss why the comment was pulled.

And, we love to discuss the possiblity of adding new authors. If this option is for you, let’s talk about it.