New Topic: Baggy Pants


OK, here’s a good one for discussion. A fair, SC county (Jasper County), just across the river (Savannah) from us has decided to enforce a ban on saggy/baggy pants. Residents have decided that they have had enough and the the county voted Dec. 15th. to ban “pants in public more than 3 inches below the hips, thereby exposing his or her skin or intimate clothing.” This ban will be enforced with fines and potential jail time. You can read more on the ban here: The State

So here are the questions; Do you agree with the ban or do you think it’s an infringement of personal freedom? If you agree, do you think other counties (Chatham) should be encouraged to follow in Jasper’s footsteps?

Rainy day on the hill

Not much happening today, lots of rain……Good day for coffee, might swing by Hill of Beans for a cup after work.

With no exciting news to discuss this morning, other than the potential auto industry bailout, which should probably be saved for it’s own column, I thought I’d pass on a bit of frugal info that might be useful to someone.

With everyone scrimping and saving this holiday season here’s a tip I just learned about last week. If you have to fly this holiday season, try to do so on a Tuesday. I recently had to take a rather unplanned trip north (above the Mason-Dixon line….It wasn’t all that bad y’all) and shopped air fare for the best rate. I used the website for the first time and found a check box offering to check for the best rates the day before and after my desired arrival/departure date. It turns out that by returning on Tuesday rather than Monday I saved over $300 a ticket. Apparently Tuesday is a slow day for the airline industry and they offer super rates if you travel on this day. I hear that they also offer the same deals for travel on Thursdays but I can’t confirm this as my travel occurred earlier in the week. This may be common knowledge for most of y’all but I found it noteworthy and though I’d pass it along. Hope it helps someone else this year.

That’s all for now.

Introducing: Chris

Hello Bloggers…. I’m writing in today to introduce myself as one of the founding members of the “Coffee Coterie” We are a diverse group that often meets for morning coffee, afternoon lunch, or happy hour beer, over a bevy of political, moral, local, or random debates. By the end of the cup we have either solved the problem, agreed to disagree or thoroughly pissed someone off…. And on a really good day, all of the above. I look forward to posting some of our discussions and hope ya’ll enjoy reading them. This will by my first official blogship so please stick with me as I figure this thing out.