About April

About April

I don’t mind telling you this is probably the 12th or 18th re-birth/re-design/re-dedication of this blog. You don’t have to cut me any slack…I have already cut myself tons! My first post on this blog is dated August 1, 2007…I can promise it was not the first one. In Blogs, just like marriage, if it is going to last any amount of time, there will be lulls, bumps, and adjustments in the wonderful.

Before Making Life Work for You had it’s own space on the interwebs, it shared space at the original aprilgroves.com. Incidentally, there is a new AprilGroves.com, and a soon to be My Beautiful Chaos, and a host of other projects looming about.

But, about this project. I am April Groves. Woman of my own, Wife of one, Mother of four, child, sibling, veteran, professional, sojourner, constant contradiction. I enjoy learning on a consistent basis and I love to explore new ideas. Not big on history, but I love the future. No need to explain to me the dangers in that – many have tried, I still can’t being myself to care.

What I do care about is people – all of them. I care about my inner person and assisting her to become full in her own potential. I care about the inner person in others. I love being able to offer a hand to them and their potential

I care about financial freedom. I can help a good deal more people with money in the bank than broke myself. I believe that most people could do better if they had a great night’s sleep, warm coffee and a shower – all that takes money. If those basics require funding, it only stands to reason, so does everything else.

I care about being content while still striving to be better. Who wants to wait until they have arrived to enjoy life? Not me. I am thrilled now. I hope to be thrilled if I find myself with less. I hope to be smart enough to still be thrilled when I have more.

I care about families, friends, communities, businesses, relationships, heartaches and a great deal about the over all human condition.

I care about real things that we can do with real possibility right now – period.