I am a Fan of the “Fad Diet” (or “The Daniel Fast: Part Deux)

So first let me assure you that you are in the right place and you are talking to the right person. I am certain that you were not expecting the “fad diet” nod. Give me a minute.

The funny thing about a bumper sticker mantra is that it is hard to craft a message so witty, so insightful, so perfect, in just a line or two that it’s message can’t be picked apart. It is just too hard to close all the gaps.

Therefore, I have grown practiced at filling in the gaps myself with what I think they actually meant. Large doses of “benefit of the doubt” so to speak. I am very kind to these little posts and enjoy them greatly for what they are.

But this one inspired me to think a bit different – a little more around the fringes.

You see, I am a food addict. So, maybe I throw that word “addict” around kind of loosely. But, in my world, there is nothing that can derail my motivation and resolve like food. Nothing.

I started smoking with I was 15. I didn’t quit until I was 35. There were some periods of non-smoker behavior in there (i.e. I never smoked pregnant), but I was basically a smoker for 20 years. Quitting was NEVER hard. I could pick them up and put them down whenever I wanted. They just don’t bother me. So I never really understood the problem folks hard when they tried to kick the habit. Or drinkers with booze.

Until I tried to change the way I ate.

I was 25 and had just had my second kid. I hit 210 in the pregnancy and came home just under 190 pounds. I had a military uniform I had to get back into. The Atkin’s Diet was the rage. Made sense.

That “fad” diet taught me a ridiculous amount of stuff about myself, none more important than the unhealthy relationship I have with food.

It also taught me the importance of making choices, goals, and appropriateness. It is true, I could not “live” Atkins. But, Atkins worked. Low carb plus an amazing exercise routine produced results I would have NEVER imagined. Of course, being 25 didn’t hurt either.

Once I reached that goal, I began to tweak the plan so that it worked for me. I learned my tolerances, my abilities, and my body. That worked pretty well for a pretty good while.

Until I went and lived in the barracks on TDY for 6 months. For my non-military readers think six month long conference, home on the weekends, living on limited, but adequate, expense account.

The pounds and, more importantly, the unhealthy choices came back. It was yo-yoie. Being deployed for seven months didn’t help either. Then the welcome home from Iraq baby…then the “holy shit you are not really pregnant again already” baby.

But I can be pretty motivated and got the excess weight off for a minute. But it was nothing sustainable. It was diet pills and cleaner shakes. The fact that my heart and other vital organs came away from that abuse unscathed is nothing short of a blessing.

I did make the conscience choice to stop with the drug store brand of weight loss. It had become obvious to me how dangerous that was. The amount of toxins and stimulants I had to ingest to offset my crappy food and exercise choices was ridiculous.

cant-out-train-dietOf course the blow back is that people soon stopped being surprised that I had four kids.

So, I walked the dog and lost no weight. I ran and lost no weight. Why? Because you cannot out train a bad diet.

Folks will tell you all the time “moderation is the key.” And they are absolutely right – if you can accomplish that great feat of “moderation.”

I, however, need an intervention. Call it a “fad diet” if you want – I need the hard reset. Tell me how unsustainable it is as life choice – I already know that.

I am not trying to live in the harsh, I am trying not to die in the easy.

So, I found the Daniel Fast. And it was amazing.

It was also about 19 months ago. Just like anything else, this stuff needs a reboot.

I am so far off the food wagon I can’t even tell you how bad it is without hanging my head. All of my days are reset – days since I have eaten animal, fast food, soda, processed junk – all of it. And while that may just sound like a cheat day to some, for a good many of us, it is a crisis.

So. let’s do it again, shall we. Here are basics for those who don’t like to click to past posts.

The Daniel Fast is 21 days of over achieving veganism with some spiritual help.

Daniel FastDON’T

  • consume anything with or from a face (meat, cheese, seafood, dairy, butter – nada)
  • consume anything processed
  • no sweeteners (no sugar, no honey, nada)
  • drink anything but water (no coffee, no tea, no booze, nada – water!)


  • drink LOTS of water
  • eat anything from the ground (beans, nuts, whole grains, fruits, veggies)
  • start on a slow day – you may feel a bit tired/cranky the first day or so. Lots of water helps

Here are my Part Deux caveats…

  • I am going 26 days vs. 21. There are 5 days between today and September 20 that I know I will need a pass. I have worked the buffer in. However, I have given my self a number of days, not certain days. If I can’t keep it together and flake on a different day, I will have to make that day up during the time I had planned. Accountability – I need it.
  • Coffee, I am keeping it
Really? Is a 12 week eating plan that bad of an idea? I think not...

Really? Is a 12 week eating plan that bad of an idea? I think not…

Another note about my 5 day buffer. I seriously considered waiting until after Labor Day and after my anniversary weekend to start. But then I figured, can’t I always finds a reason not to do what I know I need to do today? There will always be something – that is life.

Most of life’s failures come from putting off today what you plan to do tomorrow which turns out to feel hopeless because feel like you waited too long.

Today I am starting what could be considered a “fad diet” to regain focus on my lifestyle so it can last forever.

Reality is, one persons “fad” is another persons salvation.
~ Rebecca, Weight Wars

They are fun. Enjoy them. Laugh at them. Take them in. Let them motivate you and impart their intentions to you. But never be afraid to live your life because of a bumper sticker.


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