I Like Being Vegan - and I Already Have a Full Time Job

I Like Being Vegan – and I Already Have a Full Time Job

As you saw from my last post, I am doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox with The Paleo Mama (who is a rockstar, BTW – go check her out). Quick recap for my non clickers – it isn’t about weight, it is about blood pressure.

I won’t say I made a mistake in taking on this challenge. I am always up for a great experiment. I can also see where someone who is eating a traditional McDonald’s, up and down the grocery store aisles diet could seriously benefit from a total reboot.

…aaannnndddd with that last sentence, I am going to remind any new comers, folks that don’t know me well, nose lifters, drama makers, and trolls to read this first…before you start calling names and insist that I am a judgemental twit that really doesn’t know anything. You find that I have already conceded to one and will make you feel silly about the other.

But I don’t eat that way anymore. Don’t misunderstand, I did for a long time. But I don’t now. And this isn’t horn tooting, it is just the way it is. Over the past year I have gotten what I put into my body at about 99% plant-based, mostly unprocessed, 40% raw.

**I just deleted a whole bunch of stuff about my diet, which, in hindsight, I probably should have cut and pasted to save for another post. But I pulled it from here because that is not the point…I will get to the point…….NOW!

In my last post, I told you about Sugar the Bitter Truth at 90 minutes and its 12 minutes counterpart. I apologize to all of you. Screw the 12 minutes, do not be lazy like I was. Watch the 90 minutes. Yeah, it gets painful in some spots. Do it anyway.

Just like we learned when we flunked The Tale of Two Cities in freshman Lit class because we discovered the Cliff’s Notes, there are some important tidbits in the full length feature.

After consuming the whole thing, I am convinced that what most of us already know is true; diets high in processed, chemical, added, refined sugars are seriously bad for us. However, there is more that I learned (or was reminded of).

  • all calories are not the same – where you get them from matters
  • fruit, in moderation, is good – I think his phrasing went something like “God created the poison and the antidote (referring to fiber) in the same package.”
  • Fruit juice, even the whole juice kind, is not great. The removal of the fiber takes out a crucial component for the body’s use of these sugars.
  • Not all sugars are the same. Interestingly enough, while this was the whole premise of the talk, even the presenter occasionally seemed to lump.

During the first week of my 21 Day Detox I learned a really cool thing – I don’t eat a lot of sugar. I didn’t have symptoms of detox. I didn’t crave any of the foods I typically eat and couldn’t have (except the wine maybe). My diet didn’t change all that much with the exception of my grains and my fruit (neither of which I eat a ton of).

The not cool thing is that this means it is probably not what makes my blood pressure high.

But I did go back and do some more research…and here is what I found (mostly)~

Side A says that their way is the best because they have lost tons of weight, gone off of all their meds, feel fabulous and the research says that they are the smartest people on the planet.

Side B, C, D, and E all say the exact same thing.

Here is my two cents (and it is honestly worth less that that because seriously, what do I know?)

  • I am a vegan. I like being a vegan. It makes my body and spirit say thank you.
  • I eat (what I consider to be) a wonderfully varied diet that is mostly whole, natural, and responsible.
  • I have a full time job and it is not as a biochemist, nutritionist, government lobbyist, farmer, rancher, guru. I just help people find a new home.
  • I could research this thing until I am blue in the face. At the end of the day, it will come down to me deciding which person, whom I don’t know, whose agenda I have no way of properly ascertaining without a ton of research, I will believe on any given day. Because I can, on the next day, go find a whole other research paper that completely contradicts and calls conspiracy on the other guy. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

what vegans eat chartThe Paleo Mama is amazing and what she has is working for her. Better than that, she started so much sooner than I did and her kids now have a way better shot (those kids eat great!) Paleo didn’t work for me (I know, I have tried it), but that doesn’t make it wrong. It doesn’t make me wrong either.

I am going to leave you with this little comment that I made on Facebook after I shared this awesome graphic (there was more to the conversation, but I have decided that can wait until I can discuss Marc’s point – not seen here – more fully).

LOLS! I do!! There are also the pastacarbosugartarians…And the allIeatisfleshandfataleos…And the drivethroughwindowvores … long and short – Eat what you eat … be excited if your body and your spirit thank you for it, change it if it doesn’t, and quityerbitchin’ otherwise.


  1. Great post April! LOVE your honesty and I love doing this with you!

  2. Crap! I was really hoping for a happy medium ground. You know…it’s so easy to be vegan and paleo!

    I have been eating paleo for 16 days (fell off wagon last night when we ate a birthday dinner at someone’s house). I feel great…but I am so tired of all the meat! My husband’s bowels are a mess (and he’s gaining weight) and my oldest son is hardly eating because he can’t stand all the meat. (he’s 11 and now looks a little thinner).

    I don’t know how to make this work for my family!!!! Oh, some of us are gluten-free due to celiac. Fun, eh?

    I love feeling great! I just can’t get my brain around all this meat!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    • Sorry Carla…I think there is nothing easy about being vegan AND paleo :/ I will tell you I tried the paleo and had the same reactions you did. That’s when I just gave it up and went pant heavy. The Daniel Fast worked great for me. It is only 21 days and served as a great reboot to my system. Then I could start adding foods in one at a time (kinda like a baby) to see what worked and what didn’t.

      Best of luck and let me know if I can help 🙂

  3. April, love this! Finding what works for you is what is all about. I though about doing the sugar detox, but, like you, I don’t eat that much sugar. Like you, I’m having fun trying different eating doctrines (paleo, clean, low-carb, etc). Somethings work, but in the long term, what I am learning is that the only thing that will work for most people is whatever is sustainable. Yes, if it makes you feel good in mind, body, and spirit; and you can practice it for the rest of your life, then that’s the keeper 🙂


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