Getting Grip on Goals with Gratitude

gratitudeYou like what I did up there with that title I know.

This list was supposed to be done in response to Thursday’s Elf 4 Health Challenge. There were a lot of neat little “Thankful Thursday” posts.

So now it is Friday, I am late and missed the Thursday catchy title day. And by being late, I feel the need to amp up the idea to justify why I couldn’t just bang out 20 things yesterday.

And so I have.

December 26 – December 31 are six of my most favorite days of the year. Christmas (music) is over and we can all relax. New Years Eve is coming up and that is fun. And a whole, new, blank, exciting calendar is waiting to be unwrapped.


These six days are simply perfect for reflection and projection. Until you hit a brain block and freeze up.

Fortunately for me, I have super smart friends. Myers Barnes posted a great video on goal setting yesterday. There is a ton of cool in this video. This quote broke open the freeze ~

Success is driving ambition with a written goal…I can’t actually give you driving ambition but what I can do is give you the plan. So I will give you the plan if you supply the driving ambition.

It clicked.

Reflection and projection work so well together because gratitude writes its own goals.

Let me put it another way ~ the things I am thankful for create my driving ambition. If I can articulate those things that I am appreciative of in 2012, I can channel ambition into a written goal set with a plan for 2013.

I now worked the process ~

  • I sat down and identified 10 aspects of my person (professional and personal) that makes the main of who I am (yes, I did 10 on purpose because it made 20 easy)
  • I wrote down two things I am thankful for in each category
  • I correlated those two 2012 gratitude with two 2013 goals


Gratitude ~ for a grace and a love from a God who knew me before conception
Goal ~ spend quality and intentional time in study and prayer

Gratitude ~ for the women in my church who consistently encourage, motivate, and make me smile
Goal ~ to be a productive member in my parish to pass on what they have done for me to others

Mark and April Wife

Gratitude ~ for a husband who loves me totally, flaws and all
Goal ~ to return that love not because he does, but because I do

Gratitude ~ a husband to strives everyday to be the man God has called him to be
Goal ~ to be the kind of wife that God has called me to be


Gratitude ~ the gift of motherhood
Goal ~ to grow in patience, wisdom, and time management to give them the best in me

Gratitude ~ for daughters who are different, strong, smart, gifted, talented, interesting and amazing
Goal ~ to strive to create an environment that nurtures, promotes, and allows for their ability to grow and expand

Sister, Friend, Family

Gratitude ~ for those family and like family folks who continue to be such a blessing to me
Goal ~ to be more available as an ear, a shoulder, a companion and to be more mindful of the needs of others

Gratitude ~ for those friends and families who sacrifice so much to keep us safe
Goal ~ to be more prayerful and attentive to the needs of those who stand the watch at home while loved ones stand the watch elsewhere


Gratitude ~ a house rich with love and history
Goal ~ to be a better steward of that home

Gratitude ~ to have a home at all
Goal ~ look for ways to help others who are struggling with the basic needs in life


Gratitude ~ to live in a country where I am free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness
Goal ~ to be a better steward of my God given talents in a way that allows for the life improvement of many

Gratitude ~ to live in country where freedoms and rights are embedded in our founding
Goal ~ to respect those rights by watching that my words are respectful, my thoughts truthful, and my actions honorable


Gratitude ~ for a body that is mine
Goal ~ to treat my cells as the prized possession they are with better choices in fuel, function, and fun

Gratitude ~ for my runner family
Goal ~ to strive for my personal greatness on the tracks, roads, and trails while encouraging others to do the same


Gratitude ~ to be able to put nouns and verbs together in such a way that touches people
Goal ~ to be mindful that words heal or hurt depending on the deliverer and the responsibility to be genuine is a great one

Gratitude ~ to be able to convey thoughts that allow me to keep my own mind clear
Goal ~ to respect that writing is more than a hobby and to keep it as priority for a number of reasons

Real Estate Professional

Gratitude ~ to belong to a community of people who strive to conduct business in an honorable and community enhancing way
Goal ~ to contribute to this organization to my fullest capacity with character and quality as mission one

Gratitude ~ my expanded network of professionals who epitomize coming from contribution
Goal ~ to remember that a rising ship carries all higher and that my responsible contribution to the curation is important

Now that step 1 is complete…I leave you to work on step 2…curious what that is? It’s up there in the video 🙂

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