Newtown - My Thoughts (for whatever that is worth)

Newtown – My Thoughts (for whatever that is worth)

When a person first decides to blog, they think that they are setting out on a journey just to document activities, stories, great tips, maybe even interesting products that they try. However, we often don’t realize, sometimes even until you are years into it, that there is a pretty big responsibility that comes with tapping out keys on a keyboard and pushing “publish.” However, in the life of every blogger, (at least the ones I know) events will happen that remind us just what kind of undertaking it is to commit thoughts on paper.

Friday was one of those events.

There has been a great deal written on the events in Newtown. I hesitate to add to them. In all honesty, what is there really to say? The horribleness is unimaginable. The grief, overwhelming. Any offers of condolences, so far from adequate.

It is understandable that we turn into ourselves in an attempt in some way to explain why this unspeakable happened. We have seen a great deal of this turn into intense arguments. From God to guns, healthcare to parenting, people try to make sense of the why and to create safeguards for the future.

There is a lot I could say at this point. I do have my opinions, but none of that will bring those babies back. I do have my ideas on what a better world looks like. However, none of those will return those teachers to their families.

So while there is a lot that could be said, allow me to focus simply on this one point.

It is my honest belief that we argue fight, debate, and even get angry with one another not because we harbor animosity to our fellow man, but because we all wish to protect life.

When I step back and look over many issues of contention, at the root is not general disdain for another human being. It is not a total disregard for the opinions of others. In fact, I believe, outside of politics, many of these ideas are put forth with an honest and genuine desire of people to leave our world better than we found it.

The travesty that was Friday is tragic on many levels. The startling realization that the most innocent are not safe is among them. This deficiency cuts to the primal instinct in most of our hearts to protect our young. Issues like gun control, the war on drugs, healthcare, religion and philosophy, moral fortitude, parental responsibility, food sourcing, vaccination, media consumption, and a host of other controversial topics, have, at their center, a common goal of innocence protection. Regardless of which side of the topics one finds themselves on, the end game for the masses is protection.

In my summation, this is the idea that I will choose in my personal life to focus on. This decision came about for a few reasons.

One, the gravity of the situation as a whole is just too much to process at one time. God bless the families. I don’t know how they do it. They are in my prayers constantly.

Two, it is soul sucking to assume that people who believe differently than I do have despicable intentions. Moreover, who in their right mind contributes to things that they know to be soul sucking? Call it optimism, Pollyanna, rose-colored glasses. I choose today what I chose yesterday; that people, in general, as a whole, are a good and decent species. I find no reason to behave as if the reverse is true, even if it is.

Lastly, it is the only change I can actually make right now. I will continue to listen to the differing opinions of all people. Well that’s not true. I will listen to the differing opinions of good people. I reference back to point number two. Soul suckers, regardless of their information, are of no use to me. Despite what some people claim, I believe the messenger is often just as important as the message.

Nevertheless, I will continue to listen to the messages – even if they don’t sound like mine. And I will continually make the choices that I feel protects the innocents in my direct control. It is the only thing I can do.

I choose to protect my house with God and guns. Until and unless I am convinced that there is a better way, this is the best I can do. If another house has determined a better way for them, I respect that.

I choose to protect my house with healthier choices. We all know that I am not perfect. We all know that I am an imperfect parent. Quite frankly, you are too. However, I do believe that media consumption, electronic interaction, food engineering, and physical activity all contribute to physical and mental health. I will continue to attempt to make better choices in those areas today than I did yesterday. Should other homes research things on their own and make different decisions, I respect that.

In all, I encourage that we continue to share ideas. Express pain and comfort one another, and in all things remember that both sides of any given issue probably have the best of intentions. Quite frankly, if you believe that they don’t, why have the conversation anyway?

The travesty of Newtown contains in it the shock of seeing respect for life totally disregarded. Let us not repeat that same travesty over and over again in our dealings with each other.

God bless you all.

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