I said I would run WHAT?!?!

I said I would run WHAT?!?!

I’m still not sure how I came across the post originally. It could have been the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge Group. It could have been my feed-reader. Maybe a random stumble on. I don’t know. But I found it…

And it is true, I am a sucker for great marketing and coolio little badge thingys. I adore social groupy stuff. Little bit of friendly challenge/competition  Heehee I love it. And it’s running too? And I was already a bit revved up on wild changes. So, when these things combined for a 2013 challenge to run 13 races in 2013, I was obviously interested. And they didn’t all have to be super long distances. I could shoot for the halves with a few fulls and ultras sprinkled for variety and still be in…so what did this all create??

Perfect storm for this post >>>>

And so what do you do when

  1. You really like to run (and a half marathon distance wants to be your favorite)
  2. A chick who rocks hard enough to SHAVE HER HEAD for charity says you can do it
  3. The female with the physique you use as motivation says go for it
  4. A run buddy uses the pronoun “we”

You sign up…


What the hell was I thinking 🙂

Actually, I think it will be a lot of fun.

How does this involve you? Well, a few ways

  1. Join in with us (See Jennifer, I am so comfortable with that idea – “Inadvertent” or otherwise!). Check out Jill’s blog and pick the challenge that works best for you.
  2. Root me on! Subscribe to TTSW and watch for my updates. The comment section here, my facebook page, and my twitter are great places for tidbits of encouragement. *Side note – I promise to return the favor!
  3. Help me out. Finding different races and paying for it all can be a bit tough. If you know of a neat race (at least a half marathon in distance), have ways to find discounts and reduced rates on entry, travel, and lodging, or know of a business that would love to be bragged on for their awesomeness in exchange for not having to run the race themselves 🙂 let me know.

I do have a few planned already ~~~~

  1. 01/12/2013 ~ Ledesma Rails to Trails Ultra Marathon (50k)
  2. 02/02/2013 ~ Critz Tybee Run Fest Half Marathon (13.1) 
  3. 06/22/2013 ~ Bad Marsh Night Ultra (50k)

Last year I would have thought the above list was pretty impressive…now it’s less than 25% of what I have committed to… perhaps I need to BE committed…



  1. You can totally do it!! I will sign up too! I’d love to make mine all halves, but I know my body can’t take it (not yet anyway). Maybe half halves and the rest 5Ks (I love that quick distance). Maybe a 10K in between. Now to save up! My first one I am thinking of doing is the HH Half the weekend after the Tybee. (we have a discount code!) Also in Feb, a bunch of us are doing the Run with Donna (half/full/and other distances) in Jacksonville. I think it’s the 17th. But it’s super expensive (as far as races go) – although ALL of the proceeds go to charity (breast cancer). Keep us posted as to which ones you plan to do!

    • I really need to put together a race calendar so I can see where I am and what I need to do. I have not been a big 5k runner this year. But now that Turtle is rocking the runs, I think I will do more with her this year, so keep me posted on some nice, local 5ks. We would love to hang out with you!

      I am doing the whole weekend at Tybee…haven’t decided yet what I want to do after that…half convinced I should take a small break…we will see. I am looking forward to seeing what this new year brings!!

  2. Ricardo Bueno says:

    So awesome! You can totally do it… I’ll be training, and racing alongside of you (virtually anyway, heh). I have a bunch of trail races I’m signing up for. My first 21k will be in January I think. Then, I want to train and run a marathon and an ultra later in the year. Slowly but surely, I’ll get there 🙂

    • I am really looking forward to it. I think a trail run would be really neat. I haven’t done one yet but would like to this year. Resources will be the biggest issue. I have come to terms with the fact that I may have to run some of these races virtually (meaning I won’t actually be there, but will run at time and distance). This isn’t optimal, but neither is letting excuses get in the way 🙂

  3. Hello, I read your blog and it was for me. I decided this year, I would run a half marathon and then a a full marathon. Though Im committed to do it, a little voice keeps saying, WoW, really? scared and excited all at the same time

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