I saw that run going differently in my mind...

I saw that run going differently in my mind…

Oftentimes 99% of the time, a thing will happen and then I will write about that thing. Today was the 1%.

After a slight change in schedule, I found myself with the opportunity to take a midday run in Fort McAllister. This is something I have wanted to do for quite sometime and have never had the occasion. Today was that day.

I had it all played out in my mind. The run would be great, the pictures would be beautiful, the ease and wonderfulness would make for a great post. I set out to run the post I already had written in my mind.


Don’t get me wrong. It was a beautiful run. The weather was perfect. The air had that coastal smell. I headed out down Redbird Creek Trail first. It was my first real trail run. It was amazing.

Most of miles three and four were ok, but rocky. The road that leads from the park area to Savage Island is pretty rough rock. I ran on the shoulder mostly. It was alright.

Savage Island reminded me why I love the outdoors and why I really want to get the family into camping. There is another trail there. I enjoyed Redbird Creek Trail so much, I took it.

During mile six, Mother Nature reminded me that she, not me, was in control of my day. I think somebody told her that I already had this post written. She was not amused.

A root reached up, grabbed my right big toe, and I went flying.

I landed on the same hand that still hurts from the fall at mile 25 of the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. I fortunately landed on a different knee, but I busted my head and left shoulder in the same spot. It hurt. But I am about two miles from the car. So I run anyway. And the pain eases and I figure I can still log double digits.

So I take another lap to hit some of the offshoots I missed. And I fell. Again. Same hand. Other knee. Thank God no head. Didn’t really hurt, but it pissed me off. And I kept going.

Mile nine I realize that I still have enough time to circle Redbird Creek Trail one more time and hit that double digit goal. During mile 10…yep…I fell. Again. That one got my elbow. But I had to get back to the car. So I just kept running. Back to the van. Logged 12 miles.

In my opinion, you have no choice but to reflect on an ass whooping like that. And if you don’t salvage something from the mess, you might as well stay home. I didn’t stay home. I won’t stay home tomorrow.

So what do I know now? Nothing I didn’t already know. But reminders can be useful.

  • As much as I love my shoes, I need more than one pair. Even Barefoot Ted and the Tarahumara rock the  Huaraches.
  • Getting up is only part of the battle. Moving forward is only another piece. Doing the exact same thing that knocked me on my ass (or head) to begin with because I know I can make it work – that’s the win.
  • Things don’t always go the way I have them planned it. Suck it up, Buttercup – that’s life.
  • Don’t write the story before the story. It’s a waste of time.
  • I AM just that tough.

I logged those mile. I will log more. I will log more there. In fact, I already have a play date scheduled with the wonderful Madeline of Food, Fitness, and Family fame…unless I have freaked her out with this tale. Which I doubt. She’s pretty freaking tough too.


  1. Daaaang, woman. It would seem Mother Nature was trying to tell you something but you told that old lady to shut it – you had some running to do! Hope the fall(s) didn’t do damage.

  2. Madeline @ Food, Fitness, and Family says:

    While I am certainly not scared, I will definitely be watching my step haha.

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