I'm Bringing Sexy Back

I’m Bringing Sexy Back

I swear I think I have used this post title before…I think it had something to do with Lani…but I can’t remember. And, while Lani is indeed sexy (and fits everything about this post as well), let me tell you who else is sexy.

Rocky Turner is sexy. Angela Miller is sexy. Travis Robertson is sexy. Glad Doggett is sexy. Simcha Fisher is sexy. Brad Nix is sexy. Jessica Lebos is sexy. Lisa Leake is sexy. Jenny Rosenstrach is sexy…I could go on. In fact, in future posts, I will.

What is so sexy about these folks and tons of people just like them?

They are crazy, sexy, kind.

They know a lot of stuff – some of it fairly controversial in some circles. And they teach, share, and help – all while caring for the folks in their midst.

Does this sound easy to you? It isn’t. When you are filled with passion and you are witness to struggle, innovation, failure, hurt, success, choices…it is easy to bulge out your eyes, stick out your chest, point lots of fingers, and rage against what you see as the lesser way. It is easy, but it is not helpful, it isn’t kind, and it certainly isn’t sexy.

Kindness is sexy. Highlighting it has become my mission.

For reasons I am still fleshing out, the anger, frustration, cruelty, and general “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality of our current affairs has really disturbed my heart. This teaching by shaming, message by firing squad, and conversion of idea by beratement has me thinking back to an old Navy (and probably other organizations) saying, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” Yeah, that looks like it will work…

A chaotic good character favors change for a greater good, disdains organizations that get in the way of improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well.
~ Brad Nix

When the disturbance of my heart over all the meanness first started, I reacted the way most people would – I got angry with the enraged and mean with the meanies – yeah, I am the poster child for effective :/. That didn’t last long because my heart couldn’t take it. Having that kind of emotion in me was exhaustingly soul killing – seriously, I don’t know how some of those folks do it. So, for a minute, I did nothing – worse, I gave up on the idea entirely and resigned the world of influence to the loud and obnoxious. Gracefully, I found another way.

My audience is small but purposeful. My voice is little but it is still heard. And when kindness is extended once, it has this uncanny ability to grow. I have faith in that. So I am gonna try it…besides, I think it is sexy…

*Feature Photo Credit Katerha


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