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Vitamins & Supplements to Live by Guide to Your Health

Joint Support – HYALURONIC ACID – Nature’s “Shock Absorber” for Your Joints

The Fluid Between the Spaces

Don’t let the word “acid” in the name fool you – Hyaluronic Acid doesn’t break the body down, it builds it up! Hyaluronic Acid naturally resides in your body’s connective tissue, a key part of your joint structure. Without healthy joints, your body’s movements may become restricted or even painful – mobility may be decreased which could curtail normal activity. Hyaluronic Acid is part of your body’s “shock absorber” system and is critical to the way your bones, muscles and cartilage work together. Healthy skin and eyes also contain Hyaluronic Acid.

Per a recognized biochemistry text, Hyaluronic Acid is a vital component of connective tissue. Connective tissue exists in various forms, including cartilage, tendons, intervertebral discs and synovial (joint) fluid. Hyaluronic Acid is most abundant in joint fluid, where it acts as a lubricant.

  •  A natural component of the body’s connective tissue, including the skin
  • Joint fluid (synovial fluid) contains Hyaluronic Acid molecules
  • The skin content of Hyaluronic Acid decreases as we age
  • Naturally found between the lens and the retina of the eyes
Yours in Health,
Nikki Palmer

The Big Why…

As most of you know, I have returned home to Keller Williams. As much as I loved my new construction family, when an opportunity comes along that speaks to your heart, you gotta just take it. I have had a few of those. And, in all honesty, I am really hoping one will stick. Not since the Navy have I found a place that I felt suited me and, in return, I suited it.

During these times of transition, there inevitably comes a great deal of soul-searching. Just to make the decision to move takes a great deal of introspection on what is important, what are my priorities, what goals am I trying to accomplish…


And I don’t know really. But I do know I figure stuff out while I write. I also know that putting it on paper is a good (although sometimes uncomfortable) practice. I also like recording the thought process – maybe you guys will see where I jumped a thought. Maybe I will see it myself.

I think I basically want to live my life to its fullest potential on my own terms.

HA! The “Big Why” is actually pretty easy. The explanation of is what takes a bit of work. And I intend to talk about it in no particular order.

I like being in control of my own time. Nothing is worse than having your schedule ruled by someone else. Now, that is not to be confused with submitting control of time to those I care for and enjoy doing for. I do not mind bed time stories, helping on the farm, making a big dinner, taking long walk and those things which are done for the benefit of others. However, it is my choice to offer up that time. It is not demanded of me. My livelihood and financial well-being does not depend on it. My calendar is mine.

I like being in control of my own choices. Money helps a great deal with that. Outings, excursions, hobbies, recreation, community enrichment – these things have greater opportunity with greater funding. So I am looking for some greater funding. Do I love money? No. I love the greater breadth of opportunity that money allows.

I like being in control of my own work. I am not one of those folks that say, “work should never feel like work.” Frankly, I like the way good work feels. I honestly like the way good, tough work feels. I do not mind working hard. I do not mind the challenges. I do not mind stretching capabilities. I do, however, want to be doing all those things in a field of work that I believe in and is a good fit for me. I want to be able to choose which tasks I do and which I delegate. I want to be able to control which challenges I take on and which I leave to those better suited at the time.

I like being in control. Period. While I understand and appreciate the purpose and appropriateness of relinquishing control in many circumstances, that should be my decision. Knowing these things are important. They contribute directly to overall wellbeing of your mental state. I should know – my mental state is in constant need of attention 🙂

I am going to live more positively. Part of that is understanding boundaries and enrichment. These are things that build up and these are things that tear down…I am focusing on the things that build up…with occassional distraction by those things that tear down.

But hey, nobody’s perfect

I live my life on my own terms.

Last Day, First Day

One of the coolest sayings ever is, I think, a Chinese Proverb or an African Proverb, or who knows – but it is cool.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

This is my last day. I usually wait until New Years. But why wait.

I usually do it with a bit more silence. Why? Because this isn’t the first time I have had to do it. I have to remind myself over and over again how easy it is to slip into bad habits. And again, I have to do a hard reboot and, with intention, and in the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard

I will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We’ve made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they’ve done.

And when I say “enterprise” I mean myself.

And we all know about compromises and retreats. Ok, well it has become obvious that not ALL of us will admit to knowing about them. But I do. And most people do. And it builds compassion and empathy.

Invade – Assimilate – fall back. How many times have I given into negativity, anger, frustration based on the ugly behavior of other people? How often do I berate myself for allowing the voice in my head to drag me down when it is in fact the voices of other people around me talking garbage into space? How often would I say, “Hey, you dropped that trash on the ground,” but fail ever to point out the pollution being given sound and hurled into space?

Has it become so acceptable to bash beliefs, thoughts, ideas, people because they are not as cool as we think they should be. Sure our ideas differ. Sure we find wrong things that others find right. Sure there are moral and ideological foundations of which we will never agree. But does that lead to condescension, hate, and plain ugly? No more, not here, not today.

I may never lose my snark. But I am deep sixing the negative – again. No more can’t, won’t, frustrated, sorry when it ain’t my fault, tired when I should be excited, sedentary when I should be on fire, confined when I should be busting.

Today I encourage you to plant your tree – literally or proverbially. This is Day One. Everyone is cultivating something. Everyone is growing a thing. I decide to grow something beautiful and purge the weeds. You are welcome to join me. I am who I am because it is who I am created to be – not because others around me have decided to trash the day. In the same respect, you are who you choose to be. Others can affect this choice only insomuch as we allow them to. There is energy and goodness – I plan on harnessing it all.

And for you nosey little ones

  • Yes I regularly see things online that piss me off
  • Yes I regularly see things online that encourage me
  • Yes I am addicted to Pinterest
  • Yes I finally saw the Green Lantern and decided to flex my will
  • Yes I will slip and violate my own dedication to no more ugly
  • Yes I may at times hide behind snark
  • Yes, I am trying to make “yes” my new favorite word.

What Would Jimmy Buffett Do?

It takes no more time
to see the good side of life
than to see the bad.
~Jimmy Buffett
Tales from Margaritaville

I am a glass half full kinda girl. In fact, I am a “Woohoo! I gotta a glass with stuff in it and room for more stuff this is awesome!” kinda girl. Optimism, in my view, is an understatement for the possibilities in which to view life.

I am also, interestingly enough, prone to paralyzing fear and doubt. There are moments of “holy crap there is no way any thing I do will make sense, turn out, or save me from ruining the entire world as we know it.” Dramatic? Maybe. But completely accurate in describing the ninja in my head that tries to steal my half full glass.

When these two forces collide in my brain space, there is really only one thing to do – mix a margarita and consider the age old question, “What would Jimmy Buffett do?”

Okay, so I jest (a little). But the truth is perception, while not everything, is a monumental part of that thing. In each situation, there are always multiple views, angles and possibilities. We can choose to focus on the dire and the paralyzing. Or, we can choose to focus on the possible and the enriching. Now understand, while I am an optimist, I understand reality. I am not saying ignore the negative. I am saying that unproductive side shows are best kept in their proper perspective.

Today I encourage you exercise your influence over your perspective. Ask the questions, “Where is the good?” Understand that while it seems easier to see the bad, it actually takes more energy. Negativity is the biggest momentum killer I know. So, while it may take a bit more initial effort to find the positive opportunity, it will pay off in increased energy, creativity, and production. Plus, rumor has it that decreased stress will make you skinny. Who knows? I am just saying. At any rate, happy sure feels better than ticked off.

Thanks for the coffee (or the margarita),

Photo credit to snicky7884

Vitamins & Supplements to Live by Guide to Your Health

Immune Health – ZINC – Body of Work

The Trace Mineral with a Major Role

Zinc is a trace mineral that plays a role in over 300 enzymes in the body. DNA synthesis, RNA transcription, cell division and growth, testosterone synthesis, and protein formation and turnover are all dependent on the presence of Zinc. Zinc also supports energy metabolism, the immune system, memory and skin health.

A study found that Zinc supplements positively supported immune response, by helping stimulate levels of lymphocytes and T-cells.

Another clinical study found that a low intake of Zinc negatively affected both testosterone levels and normal semen production, while a higher intake of Zinc positively supported both testosterone and semen in men.

  •  Is important for immune function and brain health
  • Contributes to skin health
  • Important for testosterone synthesis
  • Assists in the formation of DNA
  • Plays a vital role in RNA transcription, cell division and growth, and protein formation
Yours in Health,
Nikki Palmer


Vitamins & Supplements to Live by Guide to Your Health

Immune Health – ESTER-C – The Better Vitamin C

The Immune Supporting, Stomach-Friendly Vitamin C

 Ester-C is made using a unique, water-based process that combines vitamin C with calcium. As a non-acidic form of vitamin C, Ester-C is readily absorbed by the body and gently on the stomach. It functions as a powerful antioxidant and contributes to immune, heart and joint health.

In a 60-day study of 168 healthy participants, subjects receiving Ester-C had significantly fewer reports of decreased well-being and immune system health compared to a placebo group.

In a clinical trial, Ester-C was found to be well tolerated and gently on the stomach in participants sensitive to acidic foods.

  •  Helps support immune system health, good vision, cardiovascular health, and healthy joints
  • Functions as an antioxidant that fights cell-damaging free radicals in the body
  • Promotes enhanced absorption and delayed excretion of vitamin C
Yours in Health,
Nikki Palmer