It is Sorta About Me

It is Sorta About Me

I could lament all the time that has passed since I have done this. I will not. I could offer up excuses and tell you all the places I have been instead of in church or at God’s feet or long conversations with Mary, but I won’t. It isn’t important – well, maybe it is, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel amazingly relevant.

I was looking for something to read last night. I am attempting to get back on track – a term which I hate as it has all these negative connotations but I lack the desire to put forth the effort to find a suitable replacement. At any rate, I decided to dust off my old copy of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. I have had the book for a while, have started it once or twice. I have yet to finish it. Maybe that’s why I am still not real clear on my purpose. Such an idiot. The answer has been sitting in my bookshelf the whole time.

Since all of that was incredibly snarky, I figure I had better explain that I appreciate Rick Warren and his work. He seems like a wonderful warm person and even after all his success, there was no Twitter picture post on the Bahamas scandal. That is a pretty big feat.

But, I decided when I picked the book up that I would be interested in my thoughts more than his and my leaning more than his. While his writings are a great primer, he does not know me and my relationship with God like I do. Rick, as good as they are, can only speak in generalities.

Day 1 talks about understanding the idea that it is not about me. Lives are intended to be others and Christ focused. Other self-help books fall short as they emphasis focus inward instead of upward. Our purpose is not our own. The Creator is the maker of purpose and only He can decide and explain said purpose.

Yeah – no. Well, maybe not “no” but just not enough.

I fully believe we are meant to be charitable and tend to the needs of others, we are also created to enjoy all the blessings God has intended for us. Did he adore David, bless Solomon, deliver Joseph so that they would simply spend their whole time talking about how unworthy they were and starving and thirsting so that they could give all their blessings away because it isn’t about them? I don’t think so. I think God enjoys watching me smile. I think He enjoys it very much. I think He created us in His image and He enjoys when His images are happy with the course He has set them upon.

And it is about me, sorta. As I am moving forward in discovering God’s will and purpose, doesn’t it make sense that a good deal of that conversation will focus on who He is and who he created me to be so I understand how the two fit? Don’t I need to understand my own jacked up brain so that I can better guard against challenges and perform in purpose?

Do I think Day 1 was bad? I certainly do not. I hold it as affirmation that I am a free thinking being, that God is priority over guilt and expectations, that maybe I have finally approached Rick’s book in the proper way. Maybe this time I will finish it.



  1. Kimberley Elmgren Gatch says:

    It’s funny how often I find myself “on the same page” as you. Maybe it’s our age and the things we are dealing with at this time in our lives but I believe we are kindred spirits. I too pulled down my copy of PDL yesterday!!! Maybe I too will finish the book this time 😉 Twice this past weekend someone said to me, “it’s not about you”. Your words ring true as always for me. BRAVA

  2. Wonderful!! And a little eerie…but I will take it 🙂 I do sit here today with a lot on my mind and in my heart and I am not sure what it will look like when it all sorts out…But I am excited about it 🙂

    Have you read day 2 yet?

    PS sometimes…it IS about you <3

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