Daring The Real Clint to Unfollow ME

I often pitch and sway between the ideas of writing consistently or comfortably. I know I have been told many times “you gotta be consistent.” Most folks smarter than me will insist on schedule and timeliness of posts, coherent thought…meh, I am going with “whatever.”

As I am certain I have said before (both sourced and pretending that it was my own) it is not about technology, it is about behavior (h/t Jeff Turner).  If there was a purpose to the idea that I made your phone ring every even day during the odd months and odd days during the even months, well maybe I would do that. However, if I am placing the call just to make the phone ring, well now, that’s a waste of both of our time, isn’t it?

So true is blogging and tweeting and facebooking and all that other neat stuff I love. And oh the cute little toys they come up with in these little places. The newest one I found was Follow Friday Helper. I found it because my bald-headed super hero friend is considering unfriending folks for using it. I think I mean more to him than that. I hope he doesn’t call my bluff.

But wait, Clint! What if I take the technology (Follow Friday Helper) and infuse it with behavior (my sunny personality) and do it something like this…

Follow Friday Helper Tweeps

@mommahopeful – With her sword swinging son, this Momma can take over the world! Authentic is a cliché until you read Heather’s blog The Hopeful Elephant.  This female is the cat’s meow, strength personified. And she isn’t perfect. She doesn’t pretend to be. This makes her all the more wonderful.

@innatmulberry – Yeah it’s a business account. But if you live in the coastal area, plan to visit our fine spot on the map, or want to see a great example of business twitter done well, this is a great follow. I am learning things I didn’t even know (and I am amazingly local!)

@bnix – Brad is a worthy follow based on his shoes alone. If you need more than that, frankly we need to discuss your priorities. But since you insist, Brad is so smart it is stupid to think about. His innovative style is taking his piece of the world by storm and it is some exciting stuff to watch. Makes me wish he was doing it closer to the coast. Oh, and his wife is gorgeous.

@idoandbabiestoo – This female has every single quality that I look for in folks to follow – she is smart, beautiful, funny, local and beleives in the cyber cheers and toasts. Oh, and she is super good at stuff I am totally bad at (which is interesting since I have, in fact said “I Do and Babies Too”)

@mumsysrefuge – My newest online friend. She is encouraging, honest, and soulful. Not to mention, her blog header is one of the coolest I have seen in a while. This is my new friendship gift to her.

@unicornbeauty – Host to one of the neatest ideas I have seen in a while. It is kinda throw back to the original blog days of online hang out and meet ups in the comment sections of a blog. I don’t know if it still goes on now, but this is the first I have seen in a minute. And she picked me. I appreciate that. I pick her back.

And that, is my #FF via Follow Friday Helper…here is hoping @TheRealClint still thinks I am “#kickingbutt.”



  1. Thank you….I needed that on this rainy, dreary Friday.. Big hugs.(just watch out for the sword…it hurts!)

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