What Do You Mean Only ONE Bathroom?!?!

This was the question posed by my very confused – and obviously sheltered – children during their first trip to the family home in the country.

“I have to go pee.”

“There’s somebody in there. You’ll have to wait.”

“Can’t I just go use the other one?”

“There is no ‘other’ bathroom.”

**Cue twisted up confused face and cricket sounds.

Once the idea sunk in that this was a normal feature of homes this age, they became quite comfortable with the fact and proceeded to have a wonderful weekend. In fact, we had such a good time, we are leaving again today.

So before I sign off for another weekend sans internet (way cooler than it sounds) I leave you with

Chicks I Would Share a Bathroom With
*sorry fellas…you understand

@RealLifeSheri – Coached me to 1,000th tweet which took WAY longer than it should have (my fault – no hers). Besides being completely encouraging, an outstanding real estate professional and a great mom, Sheri has great shoes. I hope she leaves a pair in the bathroom because I will lie and swear I haven’t seen them.

@MauraNeill – From baseball hat to bad ass evening wear, this hottie rocks it all. Always a lady, don’t mistake her goodness for weakness – she is a strong female. Amazingly warm, incredibly giving, The Braves and Maura make Atlanta a little brighter.

@PhotoShirlz – While I will insist that camera does not make it into the potty, with Shirley around, you will want it everywhere else. Shirley encourages people to be better and women to empowered. She sees beauty everywhere and captures it to share with others.

@LisaArcherRE – 1/2 of The Geeky Girls. The other half being Laurie Davis, who is also welcome to share a bathroom. These chicas rock the “Geeky” shirt like nobody’s business. Their clients appreciate it too. So do the rest of us who get to learn from their insight. Not only is Geek sexy, it is downright useful too. Oh, and they drink their beer from the bottle, sans cup – right on.

@peachy92 – Watched the Casey Anthony trial so I didn’t have to. I don’t think I have ever properly thanked her for that. And who doesn’t love a woman who adores our Atlanta Braves?

@OutdoorLori – Another one of my treasured IRL mets this year. Her Twitter tag – “I have guns,dogs, skis, saddles, & boots.” I love her.

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