#FollowFriday Twitter and Gone

First, let me say and big “thank you” for all the support that has been given to my Twitter #FollowFriday format. My little blog had a ton of company last week. I appreciate it very much and I am thrilled to be introducing, highlighting and really patting on the back some really awesome people who deserve it.

None of us can do it alone. I love the way Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other various social media sites have allowed geographically challenged collaboration, education and relationships to really flourish.

I, however, will be unable to participate in these activities for a day or so. It has been a while since I have been totally off the grid, but it will happen later today. Super stoked about taking the family for a little together time out at the farm-house. No internet, no cable and spotty cell service – there is, however, indoor plumbing.

So, on this #FF, I give you

Folks that can Hold Down Twitter in My Absence

@MikeMueller – Said I was “better than bacon.” Who cares what else he has to say. Just know that he said that. Ok, he says a lot of other cool stuff too.

@LennarAtlanta – King of Sharpies. Don’t let the corporate-builder-nonpersonal looking twitter facade fool you. There is a real person and tons of personality.

@savtweetup – One of the coolest new social groups to hit Savannah. If you are a Coastal Georgia local or plan to visit, this is a must follow. Cool venues, cool people, hot city.

@JasonCrouch – Yet another reason I think Texas is so cool. I swear if I didn’t LOVE Coastal Georgia, I would move West. Jason is the perfect example of good, smart and awesome to know. Seems to be a trait in the Lone Star State.

@JoshCantwell РAlways good for a non-cheesy motivational moment with a side of real estate sales information. Great follow for those of us hanging tough in this amazing market.

@Gahlord – One of the smartest. people. ever. You name it and this guy can make it interesting. I feel smarter ever time I see him. Heck, I GET smarter every time I see him.

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