On #FF, Good Guys Finish Roughly 47th

On #FF, Good Guys Finish Roughly 47th

Alas, another slow writing week. I did find a minute to get Turn Around Tuesday out the door. I also stopped by my friend’s place. Glad Doggett indulged my need to rage against the witch for a spell. My traipsing around the interwebs was also stunted by my fascination with google+ and a MOUND of work. But I am not complaining about either. Google+ is turning out to be super slick and I am always thankful for my job.

The kids go back to school soon. It has become pretty evident that I have got to get a handle on my schedule or the whole thing is going to spontaneously combust all over my calendar and minivan.

In times like these, it is great to know that regardless of life’s ebbs and flows, there are still an abundance of

Simply. Nice. People.

And, to show you how truly awesome today’s #FF is – they aren’t just nice – but they are crazy smart too 🙂

@CWaterhouse – Calie blows the whole notion of Internet Interactions being impersonal and fake. After vaguely circling each other online and meeting briefly at ReTech South in 2010, Calie and I have managed to maintain a fantastic friendship. A big brain and a bigger heart, Calie is one cool chicha.

@mikelyon – New construction is a slightly different animal than the traditional real estate business I formerly practiced. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike while fire hydrant drinking at my first International Builders Show earlier this year. Since then, Mike has never failed to be a wealth of information. He pointed me down the path to great video emails which improved my ability to communicate with customers tremendously. His twitter feed is always full of neat new shiny – my favorite to date being The Email Game. Regardless of your industry, this follow is a good one.

@donnacutting – We share the same birthday. After that, seriously, what else is there? Well, in the case of Donna – TONS! This customer service diva blends witty, insightful and plain common sense into a jam up package. Author of The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service, Donna’s twitterings inspire and motivate.

@ChrisCree – I would bore you to tears if I sat here and told you all the eleventy BILLION ways this guy has made me smarter. In any location, Chris would be considered cutting edge. But in our little corner of the country, Chris was light years ahead of most in the Social Media arena. The only place Chris knows to come from is contribution. One of the most stellar individuals I know.

@travisro – Another ReTech South win. I became aware of Travis during the Twitter interactions leading up to the 2011 conference. As a main stage presenter at the conference, his fresh approach and smart delivery interested me. When I met his wife, Lisa, and realized he could also snag the attention of the smart and beautiful woman, I was a fan!  Travis and Lisa were one of my favorite meets of ReTech 2011. Fresh, fun and encouraging – winning combination.

@mb168 – This guy is good for…well…whatever. If you are a coastal Georgia local, Marc is a must follow. This is also true if you are a techie, chef or Disney enthusiast. Never at a loss for great twittersation, Marc has been a great resource for tech wonderings and general funnies.

And while I appreciate the pros and cons of Klout – I thought it was fun to note that these guys have an average score of 47. Without nauseating over indulgent spammy content, these super nice, awesome examples of twitterificness still tag in the numbers. That is as it should be…Simply. Nice. People. FTW 🙂



  1. I’m going to add an old school comment here too (just because I can). April, you are one of those folks who it is downright rewarding to give advice to. That’s because you absorb it, ponder it, and then – most importantly – you act on it.

    It’s been a real pleasure watching you become an expert in your own right about social media and web publishing. The Creative Coast is blessed to have folks like you there to help bring ’em up to speed in the technology department.

  2. Chris,

    I will old school then as well 🙂 Funny how quickly this environment changes. Thanks so much for wonderful friendship and guidance. You and Lisa are blessings in my life.


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