Happy Birthday to ME! Twitter #FF

Yeah, I know we are all supposed to come from a place of contribution and its about what you can give and the authentic social media community is about others before self and that interweb karma will love you. And I follow that – most days…but yesterday was my 35th birthday. So, today’s #FF IS ALL ABOUT ME!!!! (mmkkay – maybe a little about you too 😉

Social Media is always the coolest on your birthday. Cell phone dinging all day with cool little notes from all over the place. It is just awesome. This year, I recalled Todd Carpenter’s article on Facebook friends. We disagree (rather, we choose to handle our Facebook accounts differently). And I also recalled Jeff Turner explaining to a group of gun-shy, social media learners that it is not about technology, it is about behavior.

Those two ideas rattled around in my head and I decided that I would not blanket post on Facebook or mass tweet the “Thanks everybody for a great birthday.” If I were at a party, in a room, I wouldn’t stand quietly and let everyone walk by and wish me a happy birthday then grab a mic and thank them all at once. I would hug and shake hands and speak with everyone.

And if I am going to have large amounts of friends, then I must also agree to interact with large numbers of people. Otherwise, out of common courtesy and respect to others, I would have to defriend or unfollow those who I would not interact with.

So I answered everybody. It was a task, but I enjoyed it. All you great people deserved it. You took time out of your day to make mine special. I appreciated that and I want you to know it.

So, here is my “Happy Birthday to ME!!” #FF


@TypeItLoud – One of my favorite bloggers EVER. She has all the right stuff – awesome humor, super smart, lives close by, coolio family (and she thinks I am amazing). Always a great day when one of those folks you admire share in your day. Oh, and she introduced me to Jewish rap, which is cool, and not just anybody can do that!

@fairtaxmom – One of the smartest women I know. This busy mom took the time to video her cutie patootie singing little ole me Happy Birthday. I love those kids…they are as rotten as mine 🙂 In all honesty, this lady doesn’t tweet very much…she should. She is a wealth of ideas and information. I say we all follow her and goad into some more sharing. Come on Carrie, being greedy with that big brain is not very nice 😉

@respres – Married to one of my favorite people in the world. Alright, he is really cool too. And he can sing 🙂 it seems. With a Jack Nicholson type of cool, he sorts through and levels out those things that are over hyped, passed by, over played, under noticed and generally serves as one of my dowsing rods in these funky interwebs.

@donlogana – Honestly, didn’t even know this local news guy had a twitter account. His picture wouldn’t load and I tried to fix it. However, it seemed par for the course as he seems to live for the wacked out. Don wished me a happy birthday…I felt compelled to confess that I stalk his facebook page. Super funny guy and WTOC is fortunate to have him. His twitter feed is full of local news stuff, so a must follow for us Coastal Georgia folks. But every once in a while you get a beauty like this ~

Red Box needs a time limit. If you can’t pick your movie in 1 minute…a fist pops out and punches you in the face.

@thekencookPut me on a radio show, called me “one sharp peach”, and made the video that had me laughing all day. What else do you need? Ok….he is a super smart techie guy, over the top nice, can survive Atlanta, and put me on a radio show (yeah, I know I said it twice – it was just.that.cool.)

@PhilGerb – The Make it Great Guy picked up the phone and CALLED. How uber cool is that?!? Unfortunately I was super swamped at the job. Since that is how I pay for said cell phone that he called me on, I figured I had better get back to work so he could call me again next year 🙂 His twitter feed is full of the same encouraging, make it great stuff.

So there you go, Happy Birthday to me…back to focusing on you next Friday 🙂

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