New Twitter #FF (or) Why I dig the 120 (or) Proof Mike Mueller is Spying on Me

New Twitter #FF (or) Why I dig the 120 (or) Proof Mike Mueller is Spying on Me

So, as of late I have been spending more and more time on Twitter and, as a consequence, less time on Facebook. It really isn’t that I love one more than the other. I am just finding more usable information on Twitter (read Twitter makes my brain grow).

Because of the wondrous nature of Hootsuite, I have succeeded in developing quite the organized feed manager. The result, better connections with folks I already like, great information from people I trust on topics I am interested in, and new connections with people I think I might like and trust that I may create a connection with but can deep six with no harm no foul if we decide we aren’t right for each other (it’s not you, it’s me, really).

It occurred to me last night that I needed to resume my #FF (Follow Friday) posts. I also knew that I wanted to introduce you to these folks in a way that 120 just doesn’t handle (yeah, I know 140 – but the RT MAN, THE RT!!) So, I decided that, in the manner of Stilettitastic, I would always create a bloggy post to accompany my #FF. I went to sleep feeling very accomplished with my new idea.

THEN, I find THIS in my fantastic Hootsuite Feed

Before you get all FollowFridayGiggly please read my rant. It applies equally to #FF (please)

OOOOO….blasted full of constantly great ideas, Mike Mueller takes on Klout in an outstanding way and simultaneously upstaging my wonderfully brilliant idea. BAH – oh well, at least the company is good.

So here is my #FF Stilettitastic style

@startabuzz – This fab female CREATED the word “Stilettitastic” simply because I needed a word. She loves coffee, biscuits and following me. Her hobbies include jam up wordsmithing, taking over the world in a cape, and following me. What is there not to love?

@gladdoggett – If Twitter made cheerleader costumes, this chick would get a free one. An absolute BOTTOMLESS wealth of contribution, Glad lives up to her name everyday. And, she is solely responsible for one of my greatest joys – a 5 foot steel chicken named Beyonce (at least it wasn’t towels).

@JillianRowe – If I could live a parallel life, I would want one like this. She has no idea that I live vicariously through her on a regular basis and she is my constant reminder to have fun. Beautiful, talented, fearless, awesome in my twitter feed everyday.

@Inspired_D – Chica and I go way back. So far back that 6 or 7 years I could’ve written the sentence “I so appreciate this chica for learning me about MySpace blogging. We have been friends forever.” Yeah, I said MySpace. We rocked it. Twitter, we rock it too

@sgourley – I found this guy via TED Blog. I tweeted it, he followed me, I am stoked. Super smart cat, I read a bit of the website everyday to wrap my mind around the work of Quid. The use of data thrills me and my little mind strives to catch it. Also, he reminds my of my crush, Charlie.

@Ribeezie – This guy tried to smear me by suggesting on the interwebs that I am flaky enough to leave $5 coffee on the roof of my car and then drive off. He failed. Folks consider the source with that kind of thing. He is my friend and runs a rock solid project for blogging real estate agents – so, I gave him a pass. He also calls my husband “husband”…yeah, its weird, but its Ribeezie.

So there Mike Muller. Steal my thunder! The least you can do now is share and retweet 🙂

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