Nothing is Better Than Sisters – Even When We Are Different


Love is the ability and willingness
to allow those that you care for
to be what they choose for themselves
without any insistence that they satisfy you.

~Wayne Dyer

I am a bit under the weather and somewhat foggy in the head. So, I am taking the easy way out and focusing today on that one thing that makes me happy without having to think about it – my family.

We have a big family. We are scattered to three of the Earth’s four corners. Fortunately that doesn’t make us any less close-knit. My baby sister and family is in from Germany. I got to meet the child that was named after me. We also found out she is about to make our family another baby bigger. My middle sister shocked and awed with her surprise visit. Talk about delighting a house full of hearts.

While there are obvious similarities amongst the three sisters, there are obvious differences. We birth and parent our children different. We love our parents different. We enjoy down time different. Clothes, music, hobbies, food, weather – different.

Different – not bad, wrong or negative – just different. Does the different sometimes cause conflict? Sure, but between sisters, anything can cause conflict. Heck, we will make it up if it has been too long!

More often than not, different creates wondrous moments of discussion and invitation into the hearts of those that are closest to us. Different allows for beautiful moments of sharing and understanding. Theses differences move us to a place where we love each other more deeply for who the other is wholly instead of who they are positionally. I grow in love for them because I know them better as people – not simply out of sisterly obligation.

Today, I encourage you to embrace the different. Assess your initial gut reaction when you hear the word. Say it out loud – “different.” Is that exciting, positive, negative, scary, uncertain, apprehensive, neutral, something else entirely? Consider whether your disposition to the idea of different leaves you open to the possibilities or guarded against the unknown or misunderstood. Then reflect on whether or not your notion of different enriches or depletes. What a wonderful resource of growth and expansion can exist in those things which are outside of our normal.

Thanks for the coffee…

**Yep that’s us 🙂

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