Back to the Coffee Shop – Maybe…

In 2007, I wrote this Blog Post ~ Going into the Coffee Shop for Hillary Clinton. You can read the thing in its entirety if you would like – we will wait. There is a State of the Union Post as well. However, for convenience, here is the part of that post that I would like to revisit here for today.

When I first started blogging, I understood the difficulties in “in the box” communication. With online talks and discussions you have a few characteristics that make some conversation difficult different.

There is no body language, no tone of voice, no real-time response. A person can read one post and not get the whole story or know me as a person and get the wrong idea. The ability to be anonymous emboldens some folks to say things they wouldn’t normally say.

So, in the beginning, I decided that there were two kinds of topics – blog topics and coffee shop topics. Some topics were fairly safe to talk about on the web while still being interesting. Others could be too easily misconstrued and would therefore be held for times when I could get together with a real person, face to face.

However, I have since realized that there is a wealth of opinionated and knowledgeable ideas out there with folks I know and trust. So, it is time to go into the coffee shop.

I will be honest, I am treading these waters very carefully. This is meant for great discussion. I may have a little or a lot to say. We will have to see.

The fact that I am a conservative should not be a surprise to anyone – but if you didn’t know, I am outing myself now. I haven’t picked my nominee yet because I like a few of them for different reasons. Immigration policy, Iraqi plans, tax reform, sanctity of life…those kinds of reasons.

I am considering reopening the coffee shop. The rant on Twitter with Russell Crowe made me want to scream. And then I just wanted to talk about it. You see, to see, he seems illogical and asinine – but what if I am wrong? Ok, so I really don’t think I am wrong on that one (he was an ass) – however, I am certain there are situations where I am. And, if not wrong, at least would benefit from understanding better the viewpoint with which I do not agree. I do not strive to argue or debate (sometimes) however, I would like to know that my thoughts are diverse and I have listen to those who think differently than I. And I would like to know that I have done my part in ensuring that my voice is also among the counted…not just Russell Crowe.

There is an election coming up, our fighting men and women are in harm’s way, our economy remains fragile, our children remain undereducated, and the 24 hour news cycle ensures all of it and more remains whipped up in a speculative frenzy so that advertisers continue to spend money with them.

That’s the thing I like about a coffee shop…we can just talk.

Just thought I would take a minute and get your two cents…

**Housekeeping ~ I do have Rules of Engagement over at MLWFY. It is the same over here 🙂

**Photo Credit to Ruben Alexander


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