Remembering the Memorial Day Babies

Remembering the Memorial Day Babies

Memorial Day is such as interesting holiday. It is that wondrous four-day weekend that rolls the summer in with beer, burgers and beach. Simultaneously, we all take time to remember those who keep those beaches free, who allow us the freedom to gather together, to indulge in our beverages without fear. We remember those fighting men and women because they deserve to be remembered.

I can tell you, as I have held rank in that proud class, that we appreciate it. We are thankful. And if, I can be so bold, I would like to push that remembrance a bit farther. On this Memorial Day, and truthfully everyday, I would like us to think about those military babies.

Anyone who has ever talked with me about this subject knows, I adore the military spouse. What a strong breed of devoted individuals. However, I think even they will tell you, they have the second hardest job in the military – their babies have the hardest.

I have never been a military child. But I am the mommy to a few. They are so young and asked to deal with so much. The moves, the loss of friends, new schools, new homes, deployments, the worry, the hope, the uncertainty – and for some, the memories. These brave little ones appreciate their uniformed parents, as we attempt to give them the skills they need to cope. They love us even though we leave. They trust us even though we are unsure. They welcome us back even though it has been so long. They do it all again even though they would rather it just be over.

There is no heart, courage, or strength, larger than that of a military child.

So, I borrow a child’s salute and offer it to the children – we love you, we thank you, we could not do it without you.

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