Still Crazy After All These…Months!

AH HA! Thought I was going to go a whole year without posting on this thing didn’t ya? I know you were just hanging around waiting to be able to say, “You know slacker, it has been a year.”

But I am smarter than that. And quicker too. BY THREE WHOLE DAYS!

Shut up. If you want a regularly updated blog – go build one.

Oh come now, I was only foolin’. Seriously, have you seen my family? Do you know my life? It is busy!

Yeah, that was an excuse, I know. But a girl has to try.

At any rate, there’s a new house, new address, new job, new hair color, new possibilities and, believe it or not – NO NEW BABIES. I know, I hear you gasp of utter shock.

Come back. hang out…I’ll tell you all about it.

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