Richmond Hill GA City Council - City Center vs RH Businesses

City Council Heats Up over City Center

City Center vs Richmond Hill Restaurants

Everything was very calm and quiet at City Hall on Tuesday until the management group that runs the City Center proposed having a $18 Sunday Brunch and Friday night tapas & drinks for $9 plus cash bar.

City Center Proposal

Richmond Hill  restaurants parried with the reason the City Center was built, to bring out of town people to Richmond Hill to spend money in our hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Restaurant Owners Parry

General questions that need to be answered:

How does a Sunday Brunch appeal to Savannah’s populus?

Or does the $18 brunch target after church crowd from Richmond Hill?

Why did the tax payers build the City Center?

Is the City Center management group focusing on bringing out of county business to Richmond Hill businesses?

Is there a public list of the vendors used to plan, decorate, and facilitate functions? are Richmond Hill businesses given priority?

As a recent new comer to Richmond Hill, I’m perplexed by the building, the concept, and the City Center’s management style that was demonstrated tonight. When you have direct conflict with multiple businesses that make up the tax base that fund the very building that is occupied by the management company, something has to change.

When you drive by City Hall on Tuesday Night and the parking lot is full, you know there’s going to be fireworks tonight.

Hope to see ya next time, Dr. Trace

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