God Divorces

I will not give up too soon.

This phrase is becoming the mantra of my life. And while it feels exhausting at times, I am glad it is one of those things that stuck when it I heard it.

I think about it regularly – in business, in my family and in my faith – I will not give up to soon.

I have given up before. I call them my “God divorces.” Understand that while I am attempting a bit of humor, it is only to make those moments in history palpable and understandable. If you have never been there, you don’t understand the depth of the hurt a God divorce creates. But through the word divorce you get the general idea.

If you have, trust me, we are okay. While we sited irreconcilable differences, He did not. This is the definition of blessed.

God divorces happen for the same reason regular ones do – money, jobs, circumstances. Mine happened over women and behaviors.

Well intentioned but sorely misguided “church women” who gave the worst advice ever to a young twenty something woman.

God and I got back together through the counsel of a not so churchy but amazingly equipped friend.

Later, my understanding of hell and the people who were supposed to go there rocked my faith in His behavior. If that was who He was, I was out.

God and I are dating again. How thankful I am for the One who finds me worthy of pursuit and romance. He will not give up too soon.

Neither will I.


  1. Amanda Dietz says:

    Hey there lady! I have been meaning to ask you how you and the big guy were doing. I kind of had a feeling that your relationship had gotten a little rocky…

    I love the fact that He is constantly pursuing us…even during the times we’re running 100mph in the opposite direction. You were such a rock during my times of struggle on the Kennedy…thank you. If there is ever a time that you need a long distance ear to gab to, let me know. Keep your eyes fixed on Him! And date away!!!

  2. Amanda,

    It is so good to have you here. I appreciate the encouragement, you are welcome, and thank you back 🙂

    It would be wonderful to have your perspective again. Your was one that I always enjoyed as it was anything but canned 🙂 Your eyes for God were always fresh and searching. That’s what I need now.

    <3 ~April

  3. I enjoyed reading that. Not in knowing that you and the Big Guy had gone through a rough patch, but in knowing that you were reconciling. I am someone who took a long time in coming to God (25) and even now I struggle sometimes. Tithing and misplaced priorities were the root causes of last year’s divorce, to use your imagery. Thankfully, I too, am practicing faithfulness and working on our very special relationship. Glad to know you’re doing well.

  4. Carrie,

    It is meant to be enjoyed and I am glad that you did. I am thankful for the rough patches. They are a reminder that the relationship is real and unfabricated.

    Moses is one of my favorite Biblical figures. He and God rolled like buddies. They disagreed, they debated, they argued, they had each other’s back. God welcomed Moses’ questions and Moses honored God. I love that…

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