Being in My Presence

Part of my daily reading was John 14:6-14. In this reading Philip asks Jesus to see the Father and then they can be certain. Jesus explains that He has been with them awhile and because of that they have seen the Father.

It raised the question in me, and I think it is akin to questions that have been asked by a friend of mine – and quite frankly, all of us. Who am I ? What am I doing here? What am I good at? My question specifically is then what do people see or what can people know when they have been in my presence? I know that God is supposed to reflect from us, but I am speaking more practically here. Jesus’ purpose, among other things, was to bring knowledge of the Father to the world in a new way. Because He lived His purpose, that was exactly what folks should have gotten if they were open just by being around Him.

I think if we can answer the question, what should people know by being in my presence, we start to get a better glimpse of our purpose. More than wants or goals, this natural place of being points to what we have been equipped for in order to accomplish our purpose as instilled is us at creation. While at times it was difficult and took effort for Jesus to love, forgive, with stand temptations, etc, it was never forced or unnatural. It was always in the being of who He was because that was what He was created for….

Just my thoughts for the day 🙂

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