Jamborama/Cuborama Update, Boy Scouts, Richmond Hill, Georgia

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The next 100th Anniversary event is less than 1 ½ weeks away and promises to be one of the best events this year. We would like to encourage every Pack, Troop, and Venture Crew/Explorer Post to attend this unique event. There are several new opportunities to be aware of.

The Pembroke Police Department has promised to bring their Impact Program for scouts 14 years old and up. These scouts will be operating golf carts while wearing beer goggles simulating the difficulty of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. (This promises to be a great preventative learning experience)

The Statesboro Police Department has also promised to do a one time SWAT intrusion demonstration. The Team will demonstrate blowing a door off its hinges with small amounts of plastic explosives for an awesome eye opening experience beginning at 10:00AM.

The activities and games are almost ready for operation but require 2 to 3 more adult volunteers to help with the program areas.

Your Community Service Pushmobile should be well on the way to completion. So get your race teams together and geared up for this spectacular event.

The US Army 3rd ID has come forth and volunteered to setup and operate a static area with military vehicle demons and displays.

Red Cross Blood Drive – We are still encouraging adults from our scouting units and family and friends to help support this opportunity to help other by donating blood. Please contact Beth at the Scout office for more information and to include names on our ongoing list of donors.

Please remember the Community Service Award is our highest goal for the Jamborama and Cuborama events. We are encouraging all Cub Scouts, Scouts and Scouters to scout for food, clothing and aluminum cans starting at home, with family, with friends and neighbors. Remember, they can also contribute greatly to your efforts.

It is our wish that all units participate and enjoy this 100th Anniversary event. Any and all comments, concerns can be directed to Mr. Frank Patterson at (912) 772-5362 or fmpatterson@planters.net

Thank You in Scouting,
Mr. Frank Patterson


  1. James Witman says:

    Why would anyone want to stop here and spend a dime..police deptment there handing out petty tickets from anything from tag lights out to not signaling. Hundred dollar tickets for nothing but end of month cash ins…what a horrid place to call home

  2. James Witman says:

    Thats for sure all it is…money grab. Paying tickets for legitimate wrong doings is one thing…but quotas filled with petty money grabs is plain wrong. They are simply looking for the dollar not public saftey.

  3. Jessica says:

    Why would you post this on the boy scout page?!?!? You seem like you might be a little sour. I dont know one single person who hasnt been in a small town passing through on vacation and gotten a ticket for something. GET OVER IT!! If your attitude on this post reflects the attitude you gave the police officer then it’s no wonder he gave you a ticket for everything he possibly could. I would have done the same if I pulled you over and you had a sour attitude. oh yeah, and thanks for supporting our local police!! Our residents LOVE them and think they do a GREAT job!! Sorry for you, but thats really all that matters no matter where or how many times you post your complaints. (even on the boy scout page?!?!? rreeaall classy)

  4. Jessica says:

    Oh yeah, and people stop here to spend money because our city is beautiful and full of history, that is if your not breaking any traffic laws.

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