Tiger Woods Doesn’t Live in Richmond Hill

I mean I heard rumors once that Tiger was going to buy a house out in the Ford Plantation, but I am pretty sure that never happened.

So I feel pretty comfortable telling you that he does not live in Richmond Hill. While that may make a difference in the way that I feel, I am not sure it would make it any less true.

If you have been living free of any kind of media and have no idea why I am talking about Tiger, stop reading now. If you don’t know, trust me , you don’t to.

Tiger’s decision to return to the game of golf at the Masters Tournament at Augusta is being hailed as brilliant – and it is. Augusta is exclusive (understatement), sought after (understatement), and particular (big understatement). If Tiger can play anywhere without being heckled and bothered, it is Augusta.

Except Masters Chairman, Billy Payne, decided a soapbox address with some small offers of grace was a good idea. And Arnold Palmer (who I love!) thinks that Tiger should “open up and just let you guys [reporters] shoot at him.”

Since I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee during the SportsCenter run down, I was ornerier than usual. I jumped up and exclaimed to my beloved, “Why is any of this any of their business?”

My hubby agreed and made the comment that Tiger isn’t special, this kind of thing happens all the time.

That doesn’t do it for me. If it had never happened before, it would still be none of my business.

It is the business of his wife, his family, those women and his advertisers – none of those groups do I belong to. Actually, Tiger could choose to cut that last group out, but my knowledge of marketing says that they deserve to be there.

Why should Tiger hold another press conference? Why does a guy in a green jacket get to make public comments on it? Why do the SportCenter mouths get to assert that Tiger has a lot of unanswered questions to address?

Go ahead and tell me because he is a public figure and he put himself in that position. I would almost buy that one – heck I think I have said it before. But that was some years ago when as a society we just hoped one day we would know. Today, we have this sense that we deserve to be inside the freaking counseling room with him and his wife!

As the public, we have to decide if we buy his product, support his brand and champion his cause. This creates the chance that he may invite us into the knowledge of his personal business. It does not make us entitled to it.

Best of luck to all of those in Augusta – Tiger too.


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