606 East Cafe, Richmond Hill, Georgia

606 East Cafe Richmond Hill GA

As promised, I have set out to eat in every place possible in Richmond Hill. The first installment, 606 East Cafe.

One of my favorite places to eat, 606 boasts an eclectic environment and jam up food. The staff is wonderful (hugs, Heather) and Sandy is probably one of the most creative people in the world.

Friday, I was joined by Chris Sheppard, Executive Director of CVB Richmond Hill , and Lisa Cree, Senior Manager, Send Out Cards . While I almost ALWAYS order the onion rings, I passed due to the overwhelming desire of my friends to order the tater tots. They were wondrous, however, they were naked. 606 has a yummy chili cheese tater tots that can be a meal all by itself.

Lisa ordered the fish and chips which was on special. Chris had the meatloaf sandwich (one of my favorite things on the menu). Jenny informed us that 606 had been voted “Best Hamburger” by Bryan County Now . Give you one guess what I ordered.

The meals with cokes hovered around $10. Lisa’s was a little less being the special. Chris’ was a little more as she picked up the tater tots.

For more information:
10060 Ford Avenue
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 459-0606

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  1. Amanda Pommerenck says:

    Great idea April! Have fun 🙂

  2. Glad you like it – would be great if you joined us at a place or two…its been ages…

  3. Well. . . did ya like it? Are you going to actually review the food or just give the prices?? Just asking. Be interested in your opinions. Sorry if I didn’t read the blog that described your intentions. L.

  4. Hey Lynne ~ we are reviewing the food I suppose. It is more in the text (jam up, wonderous, favorite thing) instead of listed out.

    Honestly, the whole project is kinda plan as we go. We don’t have a schedule or a format (except I like to have Chris there and my shirt :)). Working out pretty well so far. I think we ended up with over a dozen people at UpTown Deli. Look for that post coming soon 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you at an outing 🙂

  5. What a great and yummy idea! I tell ya, if I wasn’t on a diet I’d try it on my on blog for Pooler. Who am I kidding? I think I have eaten at every restaurant in Pooler. It’s why I am now on a diet. Urgh.

  6. James Witman says:

    Why would anyone want to stop here and spend a dime..police deptment there handing out petty tickets from anything from tag lights out to not signaling. Hundred dollar tickets for nothing but end of month cash ins…what a horrid place to call home

  7. James Witman says:

    Thats for sure all it is…money grab. Paying tickets for legitimate wrong doings is one thing…but quotas filled with petty money grabs is plain wrong. They are simply looking for the dollar not public saftey.

  8. Vickie Groves says:

    James, from what planet do you hail? We have a GREAT police dept. , and
    as a rule, people DON’T get tickets if they are obeying the rules of the road!

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