Places to Eat in Richmond Hill

Places to Eat in Richmond Hill

I have asked quite a few people the same question – How many places do you think there are to eat in Richmond Hill? The answer typically ranges between 10 and 20.  I get the same look of shock every time I correct them.

Evidently, there are some where around 60 places to eat here and around town. Crazy, I know.

So, there are three things that are true:

  1. I live in Richmond Hill
  2. I love local business owners
  3. I love to eat

I can see the light bulbs clicking. That’s right, welcome to the introductory post of “Places to Eat in Richmond Hill.” This is the place where you can join me on my mission to eat at every single restaurant in the 31324.

Tomorrow is a very special day. Chris Sheppard, Executive Director of Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Andrea Powers of the Richmond Hill City Center will be joining me at 606 East Cafe for a noon lunch. Feel free to join us! Chris is already talking about the tater tots and I can’t wait for the onion rings.

See ya with a menu 🙂


  1. James Witman says:

    Why would anyone want to stop here and spend a dime..police deptment there handing out petty tickets from anything from tag lights out to not signaling. Hundred dollar tickets for nothing but end of month cash ins…what a horrid place to call home

  2. James Witman says:

    Thats for sure all it is…money grab. Paying tickets for legitimate wrong doings is one thing…but quotas filled with petty money grabs is plain wrong. Never have I known folks to get tickets for nothing but driving along…but they will find a reason and charge you. They are simply looking for the dollar not public saftey it seems.

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