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Richmond Hill Georgia Baseball, Circa 1949

Richmond Hill Georgia Baseball

Big thanks to Angus

These gentlemen, according to what I know, were a local baseball team here in Richmond Hill, circa 1949. It is said that this particular picture was taken in The Bottoms.

We think we know who a few of them are. We would like you to help us indentify them all and tell their stories…

Quality Inn Buffet, Richmond Hill, GA

Quality Inn Richmond HillQuality Inn in Richmond Hill has one of the the best buffets in town. I should know – since I joined Rotary of Richmond Hill two years ago, this has been my standing lunch appointment.

Located on Hwy 17 right off of I-95, you can grab a lunch and a drink for right around $13.

The buffet typically includes two or three entree choices, vegetables, starches and bread. For those desiring a lighter fare, the salad bar is always well stocked. There is dessert to please everybody.

There are a few things that I consider top notch.

  • Country Fried Steak (amazing gravy)
  • Fried Corn
  • Peach Cobbler
  • okra and tomatoes
  • boiled cabbage
  • corn muffin

Lunch is served daily and if you visit on Thursday, you may wanna catch a Rotary function. The speakers are great and the company wonderful.

Quality Inn Richmond Hill
4300 Coastal Highway
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 756-3351

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Jamborama/Cuborama Update, Boy Scouts, Richmond Hill, Georgia

The following was submitted to Blogging Richmond Hill by a third party. The information presented as fact should be verified and opinions contained are for your own consideration. We welcome continued discussion from all involved on the following topic

The next 100th Anniversary event is less than 1 ½ weeks away and promises to be one of the best events this year. We would like to encourage every Pack, Troop, and Venture Crew/Explorer Post to attend this unique event. There are several new opportunities to be aware of.

The Pembroke Police Department has promised to bring their Impact Program for scouts 14 years old and up. These scouts will be operating golf carts while wearing beer goggles simulating the difficulty of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. (This promises to be a great preventative learning experience)

The Statesboro Police Department has also promised to do a one time SWAT intrusion demonstration. The Team will demonstrate blowing a door off its hinges with small amounts of plastic explosives for an awesome eye opening experience beginning at 10:00AM.

The activities and games are almost ready for operation but require 2 to 3 more adult volunteers to help with the program areas.

Your Community Service Pushmobile should be well on the way to completion. So get your race teams together and geared up for this spectacular event.

The US Army 3rd ID has come forth and volunteered to setup and operate a static area with military vehicle demons and displays.

Red Cross Blood Drive – We are still encouraging adults from our scouting units and family and friends to help support this opportunity to help other by donating blood. Please contact Beth at the Scout office for more information and to include names on our ongoing list of donors.

Please remember the Community Service Award is our highest goal for the Jamborama and Cuborama events. We are encouraging all Cub Scouts, Scouts and Scouters to scout for food, clothing and aluminum cans starting at home, with family, with friends and neighbors. Remember, they can also contribute greatly to your efforts.

It is our wish that all units participate and enjoy this 100th Anniversary event. Any and all comments, concerns can be directed to Mr. Frank Patterson at (912) 772-5362 or

Thank You in Scouting,
Mr. Frank Patterson

Roy Hubbard Speaks Out Against Gov. Perdue’s EPA Director

The following was submitted to Blogging Richmond Hill by a third party. The information presented as fact should be verified and opinions contained are for your own consideration. We welcome continued discussion from all involved on the following topic

The residents of the coast of Georgia have been poorly served by the Governor’s office. The crowning blow, as he prepares to leave office, was Perdue’s appointment of F. Allen Barnes as Director of the Environmental Protection Division (EPD). F. Allen Barnes is not a scientist like the person he replaced. He is an attorney and, as I understand it, a very successful one in litigating, not for the protection of our environment, but against it by defending major polluters in the world.

During this past legislative session there was a flurry of bills originating in both houses aimed at weakening the ability of the public to challenge to what might be considered to be bad decisions made by the EPD. Coincidence? Certainly none of the bills had Mr. Barnes or the Governor’s name attached.

It is my opinion that the most outrageous actions and decisions by the EPD involve the proposed waste water treatment plant in Liberty County.
As I understand, over a year ago the construction was stopped after a seven million dollar expenditure of tax dollars on a project that had not been approved by the State. The developer had provided an environmental impact study which the EPD had accepted and was prepared to issue the permit. One can assume that to spend seven million dollars without a permit meant that they were quite sure one was coming before the so-called impact study was ever done. The Environmental Impact Document (EID) was publically disclosed as totally inadequate.

Mr. Wayne Murphy is the project manager for the design engineering firm CH2MHill building the plant. In an attempt to prove the feasibility of the plant to community leadership in Bryan County, Mr. Murphy did a power point presentation before the Richmond Hill Rotary Club which, true to form, appeared to be a jumble of questionable data and diagrams taken from irrelevant files. I. E. fecal coli form bacteria count taken from Kay Creek which is ten miles across land from the proposed discharge point in the Medway River.

I believe that what Mr. Murphy did prove that day was his unquestionable ignorance of the eco-system into which he was prepared to discharge treated effluent. I have to say in Mr. Murphy’s defense that he is an engineer, not a scientist but for that very reason he should not have been involved in that aspect of the project at all. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, CH2MHill did not see the need to even have a marine scientist on staff and involved with this project.

Dr. Carol Couch, an experienced marine scientist was director of the EPD at that time. Dr. Couch left the service of the EPD and returned to academia. That would be a place where true science is practiced not political manipulation with the end justifying the means. She was replaced by an attorney who was appointed by the Governor.

When public outcry smothered the efforts to proceed with the plant construction and its potential danger to the salt marsh system, Mr. Jeff Larson, EPD public relations, was sent in to clear the path and quiet the public voice. “Stakeholder” meetings of very questionable value were held. They were questionable because they were designed to dull public interest and provide a platform to proceed with a politically pre-determined outcome.

Scientists from the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography ( SkIO) volunteered their time to sit with the personnel from EPD and discuss the proper procedures to evaluate the proposed discharge area. The question posed by CEPA was simply, “would the tidal areas proposed as receptacles for a 3.2 million gallon a day discharge from the plant be able to disperse that discharge without potential for serious damage”?

The Coastal Estuary {Protection Association (CEPA) asked repeatedly for qualified personnel to do a proper study as is required by the State. We strongly suggested that SkIO scientists be invited to help plan and initiate the study.

Unfortunately the advice of the SkIO group was systemically ignored. The project manager for EPD attended the meeting from a swimming pool in Florida via cell phone. I spoke with her after that and by her own admission she was not even sure who was at the meeting. Were I a PhD from SkIO I would consider that a professional insult.

When I observed the indifference that EPD personnel were projecting and the public relations maneuvering being done by Jeff Larson, spokesman for the Governor’s office, I assured everyone who wanted to listen that the EPD was on a course to quiet the public, kill a little time, pretend to do a new survey and announce, on schedule, the granting of the permit from their findings. Actually they gave us a date. They said February of 2010. They missed by a couple of weeks but there we are. They knew before they even started how long the “study” would take and you can darn well believe that they knew what the answer was going to be also.

Two basic rules for the scientific study were considered a must by scientists from SkIO who have personally spent many years, some even lifetimes, doing the very research being discussed. Federal EPA scientists agree…

  • First and foremost, the period of time allocated for the study was of paramount importance because of the complexities and the ever changing dynamics of tidal waters, particularly those along the Georgia coast. It was commonly accepted by marine scientists who are considered experts in the field by their peers, that at least a year and possibly more time on site would be needed to collect sufficient data with which to make reasonable decisions or projections. May I remind you that it was over a year and a half ago that this advice was given?
  • Secondly, the collected data must be processed with what is known as a three dimensional model. It has been suggested that such complicated modeling should be done by professionals who specialize in modeling and not by the research scientists themselves. Certainly one benefit of this would be an unbiased product.

EPD, in particular Dr. Elizabeth Booth, project manager, proceeded to ignore all advice. Whether this was a collective decision among the EPD staff in Atlanta, or she chose this path on her own, or was instructed to do so, I cannot say. However, in my opinion I think Dr. Booth knows better.

The data collection period was literally a matter of a few hours out of a few days on the water. Not even a few full days, not a few months, not even close to the recommended year. The data collected and subsequently presented as sufficient is a charade of science.

To add insult to injury where good science is involved, a single dimensional model was used to process the data. The model I am referring to was provided to the EPD by the Federal EPA and described as a model that an”inexperienced” person could use. Its application was to be inland fresh water rivers that flow in one direction. We ended up with inexperienced personnel applying an improper model to insufficient data to arrive at a pre-determined conclusion.

Needless to say, a couple of weeks ago Jeff Larson held another of his “stakeholder” meetings and announced that, in the words of Dr Booth, “an intense study” had been completed. The result of that study concluded that there would be no problem dumping 3.2 million gallons of treated sewage into the salt marsh. The permit has been approved. The clever maneuvering orchestrated by Mr. Larson effectively eliminated any public participation in the process past their bogus first ‘stakeholder’ meeting.

The government does what it pleases and to hell with the people. Want to complain about it? You don’t need to go to Washington. Atlanta is right in our backyard. Go Fish.

Governor Perdue is coming to Richmond Hill to go turkey hunting. He has already been turkey hunting and WE coastal residents are the turkeys.

Roy Hubbard

Laurel View River Sewage Plant Permit Update, Richmond Hill, GA

The following was submitted to Blogging Richmond Hill by a third party. The information presented as fact should be verified and opinions contained are for your own consideration. We welcome continued discussion from all involved on the following topic

Laurel View River Sewage Plant Permit Update

Issue: The Liberty County Industrial Authority (“LCIA”) seeks a permit from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (“EPD”) to dump 1 billion gallons of wastewater annually into the Laurel View River and St. Catherines Sound.

EPD Study: The EPD conducted a study  for 4 days last August and last September to evaluate the impact dumping this wastewater may have on the Laurel View River and St. Catherines Sound and determined that it would not have an impact. The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography previously determined that the EPD study plan was insufficient and flawed.

CEPA Action Plan: CEPA opposes the EPD granting the LCIA a permit to dump pollution into the Laurel View River and St. Catherines Sound. It is important that the LCIA know where the public stands on this issue. As clear evidence to support CEPA’s position in opposing the issuance of this permit, the City of Hinesville’s treatment plant malfunctioned over the past two weeks leading to what the EPD called a “major spill” resulting in massive amounts of raw sewage being dumped into Peacock Creek.

The LCIA cannot afford taking on $30 million in debt to build this plant. We cannot afford to let the LCIA use St. Catherines Sound as a dumping ground for pollution.

If this permit is issued by the EPD, it will destroy St. Catherines Sound. We must take action now to prevent this from happening.

Please contact the LCIA and let them know that dumping pollution into the saltwater marshes of the Georgia Coast is not acceptable:

Ron Tolley, CEO, Liberty County Industrial Authority
Office: 912-368-3356
Cell: 912-977-4147
Fax: 912-368-5585

Allen Brown, Chairman, Liberty County Industrial Authority
Office: 912-368-2100
Cell: 912-312-1121
Fax: 912-876-4491

John McIver, Vice Chairman, Liberty County Industrial Authority
Office: 912-876-2164 
Cell: 912-980-2232

Richmond Hill Large Trash Item Pick Up

Community News via The Richmond Hill/Bryan County Chamber of Commerce

It’s spring cleaning time again! Richmond Hill will kick off Georgia Cities Week with three days of large item trash pickup starting Tuesday April 13 through Thursday April 15, 2010. This opportunity is only available for the city of Richmond Hill current water account users in residential zoning areas only.

In conjunction with the Keep Georgia Beautiful program, OMI will pick up curbside large items such as appliances, furniture and other bulky items normally not picked up by the regular trash service. All city residents should place their items on the curbside Wednesday morning by 7 AM for pickup. OMI anticipates 3 days of large item trash collection. Questions call 756-3345 or 756-3808.

The following items WILL NOT be collected

  • Tires
  • Hazardous waste items
  • Paint
  • Refrigerators 
  • Freezers
  • Oil or oil-based products 
  • Batteries
  • Grease products
  • Lawnmowers 
  • Gas, or gas-based products
  • Freon or freon-based products

Tiger Woods Doesn’t Live in Richmond Hill

I mean I heard rumors once that Tiger was going to buy a house out in the Ford Plantation, but I am pretty sure that never happened.

So I feel pretty comfortable telling you that he does not live in Richmond Hill. While that may make a difference in the way that I feel, I am not sure it would make it any less true.

If you have been living free of any kind of media and have no idea why I am talking about Tiger, stop reading now. If you don’t know, trust me , you don’t to.

Tiger’s decision to return to the game of golf at the Masters Tournament at Augusta is being hailed as brilliant – and it is. Augusta is exclusive (understatement), sought after (understatement), and particular (big understatement). If Tiger can play anywhere without being heckled and bothered, it is Augusta.

Except Masters Chairman, Billy Payne, decided a soapbox address with some small offers of grace was a good idea. And Arnold Palmer (who I love!) thinks that Tiger should “open up and just let you guys [reporters] shoot at him.”

Since I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee during the SportsCenter run down, I was ornerier than usual. I jumped up and exclaimed to my beloved, “Why is any of this any of their business?”

My hubby agreed and made the comment that Tiger isn’t special, this kind of thing happens all the time.

That doesn’t do it for me. If it had never happened before, it would still be none of my business.

It is the business of his wife, his family, those women and his advertisers – none of those groups do I belong to. Actually, Tiger could choose to cut that last group out, but my knowledge of marketing says that they deserve to be there.

Why should Tiger hold another press conference? Why does a guy in a green jacket get to make public comments on it? Why do the SportCenter mouths get to assert that Tiger has a lot of unanswered questions to address?

Go ahead and tell me because he is a public figure and he put himself in that position. I would almost buy that one – heck I think I have said it before. But that was some years ago when as a society we just hoped one day we would know. Today, we have this sense that we deserve to be inside the freaking counseling room with him and his wife!

As the public, we have to decide if we buy his product, support his brand and champion his cause. This creates the chance that he may invite us into the knowledge of his personal business. It does not make us entitled to it.

Best of luck to all of those in Augusta – Tiger too.

606 East Cafe, Richmond Hill, Georgia

606 East Cafe Richmond Hill GA

As promised, I have set out to eat in every place possible in Richmond Hill. The first installment, 606 East Cafe.

One of my favorite places to eat, 606 boasts an eclectic environment and jam up food. The staff is wonderful (hugs, Heather) and Sandy is probably one of the most creative people in the world.

Friday, I was joined by Chris Sheppard, Executive Director of CVB Richmond Hill , and Lisa Cree, Senior Manager, Send Out Cards . While I almost ALWAYS order the onion rings, I passed due to the overwhelming desire of my friends to order the tater tots. They were wondrous, however, they were naked. 606 has a yummy chili cheese tater tots that can be a meal all by itself.

Lisa ordered the fish and chips which was on special. Chris had the meatloaf sandwich (one of my favorite things on the menu). Jenny informed us that 606 had been voted “Best Hamburger” by Bryan County Now . Give you one guess what I ordered.

The meals with cokes hovered around $10. Lisa’s was a little less being the special. Chris’ was a little more as she picked up the tater tots.

For more information:
10060 Ford Avenue
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 459-0606

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Places to Eat in Richmond Hill

I have asked quite a few people the same question – How many places do you think there are to eat in Richmond Hill? The answer typically ranges between 10 and 20.  I get the same look of shock every time I correct them.

Evidently, there are some where around 60 places to eat here and around town. Crazy, I know.

So, there are three things that are true:

  1. I live in Richmond Hill
  2. I love local business owners
  3. I love to eat

I can see the light bulbs clicking. That’s right, welcome to the introductory post of “Places to Eat in Richmond Hill.” This is the place where you can join me on my mission to eat at every single restaurant in the 31324.

Tomorrow is a very special day. Chris Sheppard, Executive Director of Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Andrea Powers of the Richmond Hill City Center will be joining me at 606 East Cafe for a noon lunch. Feel free to join us! Chris is already talking about the tater tots and I can’t wait for the onion rings.

See ya with a menu 🙂