Spring is coming?

I’ve been seeing honey bees for about a week now and friends inform me the Pecan trees are putting off shoots.  My day-lilies have popped up as have other perennials and the Forsythia is in full bloom.  Some people swear Spring is here when Robins show themselves.  Europeans believe the cuckoo call is their first sign.  I’ve seen a Robin or two already.

Every year around this time I get fooled into thinking Spring is actually here only to encounter a couple more cold days at the end of March. I have no reason to believe this year will be any different although within me lies this little streak of optimism which says this year will be different and we have seen the last of the cold.

Early warm weather?  Late Spring?  Rainy Spring?  I am extremely interested in hearing from long time coastal residents of the signs you look for each year at this time.

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