Trade ya a Sandwich for a Laptop

Trade ya a Sandwich for a Laptop

Alrighty – I need a new laptop and I don’t want to break to bank. Qualifications are:

  • I am a PC (I am not a Mac)
  • My screen is at least 15″
  • I have decent specs but I do not need to be a super computer
  • I would like to have great video capabilites, but I am not willing to pay big for it
  • Windows 7, please

The rest is negotiable. Please let me know where I can find a great deal on something like this. In return, if I buy based on your suggestion, I will give you a gift certificate for a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. from Uptown Deli & Bakery courtesy of Padgett Insurance.

If you aren’t from around the Richmond Hill area, please help me anyway (beg, beg). I’ll regift the certificate and link love you in the process.


  1. try to see Dell Studio 15. They reliable and inexpensive (relatively)…

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