You Can Take the Girl Out the Trailer…

I never understood why parents fight like idiots at children’s sporting events.

Until now. Understand that I still think it is ridiculous to get excited over refereeing, outcome or play time. However, I have found the situation that has the potential of getting me on YouTube. And I can’t promise I will be embarrassed or sorry.

I love kids’ sports. I think it is awesome to watch children learn, run, jump, play, win and try again. I love to cheer for my children and listen to other people cheer for theirs. Most of the parents in this community know and like each other. Our children like each other. We understand the nature of friendship and competition. We are sportsmanlike and respectful.

I appreciate the excitement that comes from an opposing team when theirs are beating ours. I don’t begrudge them that. I get it. I root hard too.

I tend to get irritated at those who choose to take on the black and white stripes and attempt to call the game from the bleachers. But, I can handle that as well.

What I have found that I cannot tolerate is my child’s name – or number – coming out of another parent’s mouth in a harsh and ugly way. The first time it was irritating. The second time it was grinding. The third time I looked at my husband and let him know there would only be one more time. He laughed. I know what he is thinking about me – you can take the girl out the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out the girl. There was one more time.

He saw my eyes flash. He reminded me who I was and what I knew to be true. I gritted my teeth. In the infamous declaration of Tyler “Madea” Perry, “Jesus just saved your life, Hallelu-yer!”


  1. Hehehehe, love this post! I agree, in that others can root as hard as they want against my ‘team’, but once they start picking out specific individuals, the gloves are off!

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