What is balance anyway

What is Balance Anyway?

Started working through a journaling site by Lisa Gates. Thought I might publish some of them here…don’t know about all of them as I am not sure what all she will ask about.

Today she asked – What is Balance Anyway…

I get all jammed up with this idea of balance. It is my perception that most folks talk about balance in the context of time. For example, my life is balanced because I spent x amount of time at work, then x amount of time with my family and then x amount of time on myself.

However, if on this particular day, one of those things required more attention and you failed to adjust your schedule for the sake of balance, how does it feel in your core?

I prefer to discuss feeling centered. It may be the same thing, in fact it probably is. But I have this thing with words and the choice of word can make all the difference to me. “Balance” locks me up. “Centered” gets me excited.

And it looks like lounging in bed and not feeling guilty about it. It is working late and knowing that no one is being neglected because of it. It is pursuing a hobby that has no other productive quality other than it feeds your soul and feeling good about it.

The beds are made, the coffee is hot, the clothes are ironed, the presentation is wonderful, the schedule is working – and even if I walked outside to flattened tires, I would hit that challenge in stride.

Because for me, it’s not about balance – some things are heavier than others. It is about centered – ready for anything because I am completely comfortable in my own skin. And life looks lovely.

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