Pwning The Happy

Pwning the Happy

Not sure how new that creative version of “owning” is or when it became main stream to convey the utter domination of one thing over another, but it seemed to correctly convey the mindset I need to get into to move through Marci’s course. For the optimist that I am, I am sure having a hard time wrapping my mind around this Happy For No Reason business.

I haven’t spent time on it for a few weeks. My excuse is that I haven’t had the time. While things have been amazingly busy – it is still just an excuse. I am becoming completely aware of the fact that I don’t have time not to.

It is time to lay the foundation to pwning the happy. That foundation, according to Marci, is embodied in a simple equation

E(motion) + R(eaction) = O(utcome)

I don’t mind telling you that I spend a whole lot of time using this alternate and far less effective formula

E + O = R

And this sure fire motivation zapping formula

O + R = E

The workbook asks to recall a situation where you implemented a less that effective attitude. It then asks to describe the level of contraction that accompanied it. The unasked question is how does it feel when things are going well and you feel expanded.

I am spending some time considering these ideas of expansion and contraction. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


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