Jackson Court – Finally, some entertainment in Richmond Hill

There has rarely been enough entertainment in Richmond Hill to keep children and teenagers amused. This is however changing with the development of Jackson Court, a $5 million investment that is the brainchild of developer Wayne Jackson and his partner Johnny Carnes. A groundbreaking ceremony was conducted on the 27th January.

Located between Motel 6 and Pierceville subdivision on hwy 17, this ten acre plot of land will soon be converted into a mecca for entertainment by the end of this year. Plans are for the facility to include a 9,000 square foot “Lasertron” lasertag gaming area, a 5,000 square foot “Bouncetown” inflatable playground, and an indoor batting cage. A facility called “Cyber Sport”, which is a bumper car game, may also be coming to a 3,000 square foot area within Jackson Court. Mr. Jackson is contemplating a roller rink or bowling alley on a large tract of land next to Jackson Court in the future.

Jackson Court will also host several restaurants and shops within the complex; Wing Stop and Power Smoothie Café are already on board. Negotiations are in progress with several other restaurants and concession stands. A couple of suggestions from an interested bystander would be a cyber café and perhaps a video arcade.

According to The Bryan County News (28 Jan) Mayor Davis is quoted as saying “I’m excited about it, and it should be a great addition for the children of Richmond Hill”. I agree wholeheartedly.

Not only will this project benefit our communities’ children, but neighboring communities will be coming to our town for entertainment and spending money in the community while they are at it. I suspect there will be more than a few Interstate travelers who will visit the complex to burn off some of the children’s excess energy before hitting the road again or the hotel for the night.

This project is one that is long overdue and I congratulate Mr. Jackson and his partner, Johnny Carnes, for stepping up to the plate and making an investment in the community.

Update;  As an informal survey (and my own curiosity),  I asked neighbors and random shoppers at Krogers if they were interested in this project and if they had a preference between a skating rink or a bowling alley.   There were no negative responses-people were 100% in favor of the facility going in.  There was also 100% interest in a bowling alley versus a skating rink.  This was an unscientific survey-your results may vary.  But, maybe it might kind of urge someone on the path to a bowling alley?  (hint hint)


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