New BRH Blogger

My name is David and I have resided in Richmond Hill since 1992 with my wife of 33+ years, Mary. I have a daughter, Carrie-Anne who works for the Chamber of Commerce and a son David who lives in Indianapolis. Both are graduates of Richmond Hill High School.

I retired from the Army as a First Sergeant in 1993 after serving a little over 20 years. My assignments include Germany, Okinawa, Colorado, Massachusetts, Texas, and Georgia. Along the way, I visited on temporary duty status many scenic locations such as Korea, Central America, Egypt, and Jordan, as well as many of our own states.

Although it took many years, I finally earned my Bachelors Degree from American Intercontinental University in Information Technology; Network Administration. This will give me the moral high ground to encourage my grandchildren to attend college and earn degrees.

I enjoy reading immensely and try to read a couple of books a week. At the moment I am reading The Conservative Mind: from Burke to Eliot by Russell Kirk and for light reading; Marine! The life of Chesty Puller by Burke Davis.

I first became interested in blogging around the turn of the century. (I never thought I would be able to use that phrase) I visited many blogs, some daily, and soon became a regular at posting on those sites until 2008, when I thought it was time to become a blogger. I acquired a domain name, set up a blog ( Oh no, another Conservative blog ), and started posting my own content. It is still fairly small, but is growing at a good pace. This didn’t satisfy a desire to write on local issues, so Blogging Richmond Hill consented to allow me to post as a guest blogger.

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