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OK, here’s a good one for discussion. A fair, SC county (Jasper County), just across the river (Savannah) from us has decided to enforce a ban on saggy/baggy pants. Residents have decided that they have had enough and the the county voted Dec. 15th. to ban “pants in public more than 3 inches below the hips, thereby exposing his or her skin or intimate clothing.” This ban will be enforced with fines and potential jail time. You can read more on the ban here: The State

So here are the questions; Do you agree with the ban or do you think it’s an infringement of personal freedom? If you agree, do you think other counties (Chatham) should be encouraged to follow in Jasper’s footsteps?


  1. Alrighty Chris, I have thought about this one for a long time. I think they tried to do it in Atlanta as well.

    A part of me would love if this ban happened because this manner of dress irritates me to no end. I hate having to explain to my girl children why that guy’s underwear is hanging out.

    The “you see more on the beach” argument doesn’t hold water with me either. For those who don’t know the difference between club gear, beachwear, work attire and bumming around clothes, I am not even talking with you. I am not on the beach in beach appropriate clothing. I am in the grocery store trying to decide what to get for dinner. You must see the difference.

    However, my rational side keeps rearing its ugly head. I believe we live under enough laws as it is. I can get a ticket for not wearing my seat belt in my car or a helmet on my dad’s bike. I am grown and can make my own decisions on safety precautions.

    Such is the ban on baggy pants. What if the clothing isn’t “intimate”? What if they are regular jogging shorts? Is that lewd? I don’t know. I do know that I dare them to outlaw my 4 inch heels. I love those dern shoes!

    There is plenty of real crime going on. Plenty of folks that need to be in jail and confronted by the cops. I am not so sure I believe this is one of those issues. Don’t get me wrong, I think intentionally wearing pants five times too big for you is ridiculous. But, watch five minutes of our government in action and you will find that ridiculous is not against the law.

    Couldn’t help but notice you didn’t mention what you thought 🙂

  2. Michael Bryant says:

    This is Mike the air-conditioning guy. Yes, I too am opposed to such a ban on fashion, even when it is as rediculous as baggy pants. I’m sure these guys are just making a fashion statement, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

    I feel laws should be passed to keep us safe as a community. I cannot see a safety issue with wearing pants in this manner (I almost said, “in this fashion.” giggle, giggle.) unless one was to trying to run while donning such attire. I must admit, I’ve never seen anyone wearing such droopers actually even move with determination, let alone run. Personally I would amend the law to indeed require helmets in the event said panty boys wish to move faster than 3 miles an hour.

    I also understand the total disdain communities have with these baggy boys. I understand how this can evoke fear in some residents when they associate saggin’ with gang affiliation. I understand the power that young boys feel when they can evoke fear in their community and the sense of superiority that comes with it. The problem is more likely a problem of fear rather than a fashion problem. The community is afraid of who these butt boys are and the butt boys are afraid of not being liked or accepted for who they are.

    So where is the solution? In love. I will hold out my arms to these guys and show unconditional love for who I know they really are – a manifestation of love, or God if you wish. But I certainly wont be seen going out to dinner or in public with them. I have my boundaries and I just don’t want to be around this type of dress. What they need is more older men in their lives who care about them and can guide them through a “rites of passage” if you will, into adulthood. Its a lot of work, and on second thought, maybe just passing a law is an easier softer way. Oh Gosh! Am I the lazy one after all?

    No, wait. I got it. Just ban underwear – problem solved!

    I’m not sure how much our children are worth or if parenting them into adulthood would even make a difference. But I have to ask, have we as a society really come to this point where it is more comfortable to put a band-aid on our problems rather than drill down past the superficial to the real problem and put out the real effort required? Please don’t answer this. I like my denial.

    What do I know? I’m just an air-conditioning guy. I do know that if our illustrious law makers ever decide to ban April’s 4 inch heals, I’ll be a fightin’ mad air-conditioning guy!

  3. What common good is best served by criminalizing what is at worse bad taste?

    When I see a young man wearing his pants almost to his knees, I think of that young man as slovenly and guilty of bad taste. But, he does have the right to wear his clothing as he deems fit as long as he is not creating a public safety issue or violating indecency laws.

    There is no reason for the government to establish a dress code for citizens to adhere to when they appear in public. Today, someone is bothered by baggy, saggy pants. What will offend community elders tomorrow? Shirts not tucked in? Wearing Tee shirts in public? Sandals? One good choice may be certain people wearing Spandex.

    This is another case of government involvement in something that is not really their concern.

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