Rainy day on the hill

Not much happening today, lots of rain……Good day for coffee, might swing by Hill of Beans for a cup after work.

With no exciting news to discuss this morning, other than the potential auto industry bailout, which should probably be saved for it’s own column, I thought I’d pass on a bit of frugal info that might be useful to someone.

With everyone scrimping and saving this holiday season here’s a tip I just learned about last week. If you have to fly this holiday season, try to do so on a Tuesday. I recently had to take a rather unplanned trip north (above the Mason-Dixon line….It wasn’t all that bad y’all) and shopped air fare for the best rate. I used the Orbitz.com website for the first time and found a check box offering to check for the best rates the day before and after my desired arrival/departure date. It turns out that by returning on Tuesday rather than Monday I saved over $300 a ticket. Apparently Tuesday is a slow day for the airline industry and they offer super rates if you travel on this day. I hear that they also offer the same deals for travel on Thursdays but I can’t confirm this as my travel occurred earlier in the week. This may be common knowledge for most of y’all but I found it noteworthy and though I’d pass it along. Hope it helps someone else this year.

That’s all for now.

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