Help Yourself and Those Around You

Help Yourself and Those Around You

“First it is necessary to stand on your own two feet. But the minute a man finds himself in that position, the next thing he should do is reach out his arms.”

– Kristin Hunter, writer

I am such a fan of personal responsibility and intestinal fortitude. I think we are a noble people when we exercise those traits and a burden to the earth when we do not. I can think of few things more important than taking ownership of your actions and consequences. And there is nothing more human than reaching out to those that need it.

So often we are given the ability to turn ourselves into victims. We are given undeserved outs from situations that we caused. The down side of this is that we will continue to make the same missteps as there is no lesson in a free pass. The unintended consequence is that we become less able to find fulfillment in accomplishments as we are not responsible for our actions.

With this lack of personal responsibility, the trend has been to say “somebody should do something” versus “I can do something.” We assume that an inflated government and over committed community programs will solve the ills of the society. The faceless “somebody” allows us to be comfortable in our own detached state.

Today I encourage you to continue fighting the good fight. You are one of those people who take credit for your place in the world and the decisions you made to get there – both good and bad. You get where you are going not by stepping on others but by bringing them along with you. You are active in creating a world better than the one you were born into. This journey may seem lonely and exhausting. You may feel like you are not making a difference. You are.

It is that time of the Year

Many of serve our fellow man all year long. However, the needs of many are more deeply felt this time of year and the opportunity to help is more widely available. Today I will highlight two.

Most local communities have their version of an empty stocking fund. These groups sponsor families that have found themselves in circumstance that will make this holiday season hard. Almost any search engine will lead you to the correct venue to locate organizations that are helping out less fortunate families this year.

Chicken of the Sea has sponsored a jingle contest. The winning entry will have a truckload of tuna delivered to their food bank. You can vote for the Savannah entry here. And, because it is a good cause, I will tell you that the link will also take you to wherever your local area is. I would like Savannah to win. I would love for more people to participate.


  1. Like you, I believe in personal responsibility. I also believe in sharing.

    Yet your post brings up a paradox. Part of being responsible is helping others in need. Yet do we become the “somebody” in “somebody should do something”? By helping are we enabling people in their own victim mentality?

    There is an excellent article in People magazine in the Dec 8 issue about Michael Fox. His attitude is phenomenal given his disease. I just wrote about it on my blog and you may get ideas from it yourself.

  2. Ned – welcome and thank you for yout thoughtful comments. I read both the article and your thoughts. He is truely inspiring and a great example of intestinal fortitude.

    But, I don’t think we necessary need to think of it as a paradox. The “somebody” is a faceless excuse for others not to become engaged. Helping involves discernement. We all need help at some point in time. It doesn’t mean we have a victim mentality. And choosing where and when we help enables us to do the best we can in assuring that our efforts are well placed.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The topic itself is eye catching.. Your article is very inspiring.. I loved that….I believe if we help others that’s the biggest help to our own self..

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