Commit to the Positive

Commit to the Positive

“People will say things that sting. They sting more when I am raw from my own inner inquisition.”

Tama Kieves, This Time I Dance!

During Marci Shimoff’s keynote talk at the eWomenNetwork conference, I heard some startling numbers that I don’t doubt one bit. We, as individuals, have 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% of them are repeat thoughts and 80% are negative. Hear that. We think a lot of stuff, over and over again, and most of it is bad. Is it any wonder some of us didn’t feel like getting out of bed today?

I am thinking about how last TAT I told you how nervous I was to be going to Dallas to begin with and that it probably stemmed from a sense of insecurity. Wow! Wanna guess how many of those 60,000 thoughts consisted of negative self talk that reinforced that idea? It is amazing what we allow our inner selves to say. Horrid things that we would not for a minute stand for if said by others out loud. But, we will say it to ourselves, about ourselves, over and over. Interesting.

I have made the commitment to spend a great deal of energy investigating Marci’s thoughts on happiness and Tama’s thoughts on honoring the inner person. Why? Because most everything we come into contact with and the way we feel about it when we get there is not happenstance, but the result of our own personal choice. My personal choice. And 80% negative is not going to be my choice.

Today I want to encourage you talk honestly with yourself about how close to that 80% you are. Consider how that affects you and those around you. Know that this is an exercise I have done and have committed to improving upon. If you need the support, I am here. The time for beating yourself down is over. Life is far too short to be your own worst critic. Time is too valuable to paralyze yourself. Your talents are too important to be trampled on by the lies in your head. You are a warrior!

Getting Ready!

After five wonderful days in Dallas at an incredible conference, I am still trying to process all the information I took in. Some of that is just going to be mental work work me. Some of it will be involve discussion with others.

TAT was presented as A Year of Tuesdays journal format in Dallas. It was very well received and I appreciate those of you who helped me with that. Now, I bring two major pieces of feedback from people who make their living doing this kind of thing. I’d love to get your take on them.

The quotes – they should either be mine or not be there at all.

The layout – to keep it from becoming outdated so quickly, group by subject and not by actual date (i.e. January 1, 2009).

I would love to hear what you think!


  1. A wonderful post April!! It really is startling hearing those numbers, but I guess it shows why there seems to be an increasing number of depressed individuals in our society.

    Your words, ” The time for beating yourself down is over. Life is far too short to be your own worst critic. Time is too valuable to paralyze yourself. Your talents are too important to be trampled on by the lies in your head. You are a warrior!” serve as a great reminder to everyone! We are talented. Everyone has abilities and gifts, and we need to remember those as we go throughout the day!

    Thank you for an awesome post April. I hope you get a ton of traffic on this one, as it is an important topic!

    • Eric,

      That was the same thing that got my attention during her talk. I started to pay more attention and found that I may be woefully above average. Starting taking control of that situation and oddly enough, I find I have more time, am more productive and just overall better!

      You are talented!!

  2. Hey April!
    Great post! Of course, as you know, that is right up my alley. Our thoughts directly impact our mood, emotions, and actions. It is so important to become aware of our self-talk so that we can begin to change it from negative to positive.

    Here’s to more positive self-talk and greater happiness!

    • Kirsten!

      You know I have thought about you a lot the last few weeks. I had let the busyness of it all distract me from the neccessity of keeping my mind right. You have been a big part of my getting back on track!

      Thanks so much for all you do!

  3. Dear April,
    I have not seen the journal in book form, so this may not be appropriate: Quotes – I really like seeing other people’s quotes and the reading how your thoughts are related. Many of the things I read on a daily basis start with a quote. I see nothing wrong with using other’s thoughts to make your points.

    Love you TAT every week. Keep it coming.


    • Iris,

      Thanks so much for coming by! I have to agree, the quotes are fun for me and folks really seem to enjoy them. It was great to have you here and your encouragement is so appreciated!


  4. Fabulous post.

    I recently read a book about the Law of Attraction. The law states that we in essence create our own realities by attracting certain events and people into our lives by thinking on frequencies similar to our thoughts and words. Like attracts like. It was a lot for me to swallow, but the more I think about it and attempt to uplift my thoughts and emotions, the more this entire theory seems to make a great deal of sense for me.

    The more positive we are, the more positivity comes into our lives. Our thoughts indeed carry a great deal of power.
    Thank you for sharing!

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