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Risk the Blossom

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Anais Nin (1903-1977)

I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that I almost changed out today’s quote. Not that it isn’t wonderful, because it is most certainly that. But because it almost seemed too big. It felt almost too much. The words and thoughts just hang out sorta stuck in my throat.

Have you ever done that? Thought about walking away from something because it just seemed to big? Stood there staring in the face of one of the most amazing opportunities you have ever had and if you could breathe, it would all go a lot better? Talk about a gut check. In that moment you weight the odds of moving forward or bailing out. You decide which one you think you can more easily live.

Hopefully there always comes a point where you can’t help but burst forth into the person, into the place, that you want to be. When the knowledge of the potential refuses to take a back seat to fear and apprehension any longer. Hopefully, there always comes a time for the bud to blossom.

Today I want to encourage you to take a walk through your garden. Are the things that are important to you planted there? Have you let the weeds spring up? Is it all brussel sprouts and no wild flowers? Is the ground packed so tight that new seedlings can’t push through? Is today the day?

Do you Non-Profit?

I know some of the most amazing folks that do it big for local and national nonprofits. They know that this space of TAT welcomes their announcements.

I also know many folks who contribute to civic and charitable organizations on a regular basis as a member of the community. You guys are welcome to this spot as well.

Sometimes there is even a spot for commercial stuff. If you are having a grand opening or an anniversary, there may be room for that.

I would love to find ways to support those who have been so supportive of me. So, drop me an email and we will see what we can do.

Trail Blazing

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

I grew up in rural Georgia. My friends and I had lots of woods and unchartered ground to play and ride bikes through all day long. Even then, and more so now, being in the woods makes me a bit apprehensive. Noises, directions, critters…I can do it and be tough about it, but I don’t go seeking the opportunity, if you know what I mean.

When I got out of the military after 11 years, the common thought was to go get a government job that called for my specific training. Steady salary, regular hours, good benefits…it was a sweet deal. But I had a dream of living life on my terms and that did not include working for anybody else. I had to see what else was out there.

Enough about me, you say, what’s the point? Glad you asked. The point is that leaving the path to chart your own trail is not the point. It is a great gut check and a vital first step, but it is not the main thing. The point is that once you have made the decision to blaze the way – a real decision with honest reasons and great intentions – you keep putting one foot in front of the other regardless of obstacle or second thoughts. Going where there is no path is easy. Leaving a trail and creating effectual change requires focus, tenacity and an unwavering sense of ability in yourself.

Today I want to encourage you to examine your decision to blaze a trail. Remember why you learned that new thing, started that business or made those decisions to try something different. Remember why it was important to you. Think about all the reasons you know you can do it. Remember that you knew before you started that there would be some rough spots and you resolved then, and you resolve again now, to not let that stop you. You are Tuesday’s Warrior – you can make it happen.

Baseball is going to the Dogs

I love baseball. It thrills me that Savannah has a minor league team (even if they are a farm team for the Mets). I appreciate when the Sand Gnats, and organizations like them get involved in the community.

So I wanted to pass along that Thursday, June 26th will be Coastal Pet Rescue night at Grayson Stadium. To celebrate the work of Coastal Pet Rescue volunteers, a real dog will catch the first pitch and there will be a few dogs looking for new homes.

If you are interested in attending, you can purchase tickets in advance through Coastal Pet Rescue with 50% of the proceeds benefiting the organization. You can find more information online.

Turn Around Tuesday

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.”

– Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)

I thought I had used this quote before. I am glad I had not, because I would have used it again. Today, it is just what I need to hear, understand and remember. After 60+ TATs, I have learned that if I need it, someone else probably does too.

We spend a lot of time together talking about big dreams, big ideas and big goals. We would be remiss to overlook the need for a big decision. The single most important thing we, I, can do is get our, my, mind right. Once the decision is made, and made for real – down in your gut where all unmovable decisions are made, you are unstoppable. I am unstoppable.

Very often we allow fear to come in a play tricks on our mind. I love the characterization of fear as a “paper tiger.” That means I can dump it in a shredder and be on about my way. When we have set our minds to accomplishing big decisions and big goals, that action requires complete focus. We cannot afford to be distracted by or waste any of our resources on indecision, doubt or fear.

Today I want to encourage you to take out your paper tiger shredder and spend some quality time with it. While it may be difficult to prevent fear from ever popping up, we must remember that it must not be allowed to linger around our decisions. Remember that you are capable and ready to own those things that you have decided to accomplish. One other thing, it may be helpful to pick up the phone and encourage somebody else to do the same.

Patience and Participation

I want to take a minute to thank you all for all the encouragement during this time of growth and change. I used to envy the butterfly – the way it entered its cocoon and emerged transformed. I didn’t realize how much work that was!

There is still some envy there. How nice it would be to put myself away and focus on nothing but change and growth, not to come out until I was ready! But, there are still a host of other things that must be done at the same time.

Your patience while we get it all done and your participation in the pursuit is much appreciated. Keep it up! The deadline is fast approaching!

Turn Around Tuesday

“Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC)

Today’s quote is one of the main reasons I don’t typically write TAT’s any earlier than the night before or the morning of. Had it not been for a conversation I had Monday evening, I may have very well picked a different quote. But after talking with Melissa Silva, owner of Alchemy, I knew the direction to take.

Funny how great friends can do that. They can put it all into perspective. They can sort through the mess you have been trying to unravel. Friends have the uncanny ability to point out the obvious in a situation we have been brooding over for weeks. Great friends are amazing.

So often, we leave our friends out of these situations. Whether the cause be pride, vulnerability, distaste of unloading on others or whatever, we can often find ourselves holding on to a lot of stuff we could let go of. In success, we are afraid of tooting out own horn. In distress, we are afraid of appearing weak. In defeat, we are afraid of of looking like a failure.

Today I want to encourage you take a minute and consider where you are misusing your friends. Have you hesitated conveying good news? Have you assumed them too busy to be a sounding board for a current obstacle? Have you considered them too successful to understand your misstep? I am guessing you are hoping your friends know you will be there for them through all of that. I am betting they would be more than happy to return the favor.

AWWIN is Looking for a Top Woman

It is that time of the year when A Working Woman in Need (AWWIN) starts taking nominations for the yearly Top Ten Working Women honorees.

AWWIN is a non-profit organization assisting under and unemployed women gain the training and skills they need to obtain the employment that will allow them to take care of themselves and their families. They aren’t asking for a hand out – they are looking for a chance to work hard to earn an opportunity.

If you are, or know, a successful business woman that deserves a little recognition, go to AWWIN’s website and fill out the form. Interested in attending or sponsoring the event? You can find all the information you need for that as well.