This is your American Idol

This is your American Idol…

Anybody out there watching Idol? We have been following it here on My Beautiful Chaos.

As my friends so accurately perceived weeks ago…it is the war of the David’s.

Yeah…so what? Archie had a better night last night. But he is so OMG irritating.

Any thoughts out there while we are waiting for the results?


  1. It would have to be uncomfortable for DC to have to buddy up with DA–like when they had to watch Love Guru together and DA didn’t get it.

    DC is playing with ZZTopp right now. I guess DA will be with the Mouseketeers next.

  2. Watch out what you predict…next thing you know JT, Christina and Brittney will be up there to represent the Mouseketeers, Archie will swoon, faint over on the floor, have to rushed to the hospital and we will have to wait forever to find out who the winner is…

  3. OMG!!! See told you!!! Jonas Brother’s…see Savannah Red…look what you did!

  4. Is it too late to apologize?


  5. It’s too laaaeeeate

  6. DC wins the Risky Business commercial. DA looked like he had skidmarks on his boxers.

  7. Michael Johns should have done so much better…


  9. WOOHOO!!!

    David Cook is your American Idol!!!

  10. No surprises here. I truly had no preference as my fav was voted off early ..But…

    I suspect David C may have the same issue as Taylor Hicks – marketing. Atleast, David Cook seems like a nice guy – as we all know Taylor (now dropped by the record label) was a bit of a prima Donna.

    I suspect Simon’s prediction helped David C. out as well

    They need to immediately build a good band around him.

    I am waiting to hear about Archuleta guest appearance on Hannah Montana… or HSM 3.

    One more note – Geez – I forgot how talented George Michael is!

  11. Creechman says:

    What are you going to do with yourself after “Idol?” Sell a house?


  12. creechman says:

    TV Show ends. Real Estate market crashes in Florida. Coincidence? I think not.

  13. creechman says:

    April, come back. TV shows without number stand in line to suck your life force.

  14. creechman says:

    Where are you?

  15. I know this is a couple years later, but I just wanted to add that David Cook still remains my favorite idol. He still seems like the most down-to-earth of all the contestants before him and to date…

  16. Yes! David Cook! My younger sister was in love with Archie, and he was a worthy challenger, but Cook rocks!

  17. David Cook is amazing.. its a shame he hasn’t become more popular… His last album was great

  18. Yeah, I don’t understand what happened to Cook’s career. Winning Idol is a strange blessing – you get massive exposure, but you’re usually trapped singing songs written by “hit-makers”, and in Cook’s case, he was better off losing.

  19. Remember the weirdness with David Archuleta’s controlling omnipresent dad? I remember reading that he was calling all the shots, and deciding what was best for young David. I realize the kid was 16 or something, but it looked like a recipe for disaster.

  20. @Lara: If I remember correctly, it was Archie’s dad that stalled his career because of the business choices he made on behalf of his son. Anyway, that “Crush” song got way more airplay than anything the other David recorded.

  21. Adrianna Papell says:

    Huh? Idol? what kind of TV show is that? I’ve never been a couch potato and I just scan the TV for interesting shows.

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  22. @Adrianna: Are you kidding? The highest rated show in America? If you like talent competitions, and a variety of singers, then you should check it out!

  23. Hey, anybody watching it this year? My Casey is gone, but I’ve still got my Lauren (for another week, anyway…she was just in the bottom two)

  24. Casey should have won, but he doesn’t have that mass appeal like the singers that are left. It’s too bad, because he was the most talented, in my opinion.

  25. Lauren vs. Scotty. I hope Lauren wins. Anybody else care to vote?

    – J

  26. Hey American Idol fans — anybody planning on catching the Simon & Paula show on The X Factor? You know, the American Idol clone?

  27. As much as I love watching American Idol. I must say, I am starting to really get into X-Factor as well. It is something to occupy the time before the Idol’s new season. Cool post.

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