American Idol Top 4

Alrighty, David A. is going to be your next American Idol. It’s not right, but that’s the way it’s going to go down. Should be David C., but, if we are talking about the way things are supposed to be, Michael Johns should still be gracing the stage and Jason should have been gone a long time ago. But such is life and the popular vote…maybe we should start running primaries and institute an electoral college…wait, I am not crazy about that method either…guess the popular vote will have to do.

So, on to the points…and I do this in the post, not in the comment replies, because I love to give you guys linky love for playing along with me 🙂

Creech is still at -4.

Eric gets +2. One for calling the D&D finals. The other, I will concede that on a previous post, prior to the week that was being judged, he did mention the D&D ending – do you fight this hard in school? I am betting you do. He is at 5.

Kirstengets +2 for making my laugh out loud at the thought of a “Paula Hotline.” She is at 5.

Coco screams up the ranking with a +5 comment. One for the dead on calls on all points, one for the David&David call and 3 for speaking the truth about my dearly missed Michael Johns. She moves up to 7.

And the tie…

Jay gets +3 because I agree with the rundown, he hit the nail on the head calling out Jason’s trip on the Scooby Doo bus, and his wonderful idea to vote Paula off. His total is 10.

Savannah Red had a +2 comment for also identifying the D&D Show down and for agreeing with my husband in the assessment of Emo Brooke – which I don’t hold against her at all. As far as I am concerned, it’s that passion and vulnerability that I like so much about her. His total is also 10.

I guess now that we are down to the final four, I should start thinking about a prize…I’m open to suggestions 😉


  1. Not to get too philosophical here, but the D & D finale has devolved into the classic struggle between David A. (Apollo) and David C. (Dionysus). David A. is all sweetness, light, Disney figurines, poetry, and cherry cola. David C. is appetite, danger, intoxication, darkness, and the big friggin rollercoaster at Six Flags. David A., plays with people’s emotions like he was new puppy–cuddle him, pet him, even let him piddle on the floor. David C. sings The Who and rasps Teenaged Wasteland–and is the evil Chucky doll to David A.’s Beanie Baby.

    There are two other contestants but I don’t remember who they are.

  2. Heck, *I* will give Savannah Red a point for the comment above. That’s brilliant stuff!!

    Jason **has** to go home this week. The boy has had one too many pulls on the hash pipe. I don’t know what the Bob Marley thing was, and to mangle the lyrics on Tambourine Man….. but you never know. After all, lovely Brooke survived the “do over”.

    In what may be one of the best lines ever on AI, Simon tells David A. who followed Jason’s disaster: “You could have whistled that song and been better than the one before you”.

    While Randy slaughtered Sayesha on her second song, I actually liked it. I thought she sang her a$$ off. She gets most improved, but the water works were a little much.

    David C. was not great on song 1, but he blew me away with Baba O’Riley. He should win.

    But, Daughtry should have won. Aiken should have won, so anything can happen. Screaming 14 year old girls will hit redial all night long. (For the record, my own 14 year old girl wants David C to win).

    I want David C to win. He may not. It will be close.

    But let’s face it, either David could go home tomorrow and they’ll still sell a boatload of records.

    No way Jason survives tonight. And Sayesha is toast next week, no matter what happens.

  3. April,
    Yes, I do fight pretty hard in school as well. It’s the perfectionist in me. Well, that and the fact that I’m highly competitive. But, this definitely has been fun to follow. It brings another element to a good show!

    Savannah Red,
    I have to give you props as well! What an amazing comment! Pure genius! Well done!

    You are pretty much right on the money as well. I can’t imagine that Castro survives. That could have been 2 of the worst performances I have seen ever, (let alone at the final 4)! There’s at least 3-4 other top 12’ers that should have lasted longer than him! The funny thing is, I don’t think he really cares!

    Syesha – She is turning into the dark horse! In my mind, she is definitely the “most improved” of all the finalists. She is finding a way to step it up every night! Props to her. Unfortunately, she’s up against David (A) and Goliath (David C)! If she goes home before Jason, I may actually throw up in my mouth a little!

    David Arch – I have to give him some props as well. I thought he sounded great. I’m a little bored with all the ballads, but the kid can sing and he knows what his niche is.

    David Cook – I thought he did well. The first one was good, but I didn’t think it was “amazing” like some of his other performances have been! The second, however, definitely brough me a “WOW” moment. I don’t know what it is, but there have been a few performances from him now that have actually given me the chills! Weird? Nah! I love music, especially when it’s done well!

  4. Okay – Jason Castro has got to rethink his look…but I look at the over all package.. he is incredibly talented. He made bad song choices and was right.. his age is showing. I was sorry to see him go – but knew it would either be this week or next.

    Syesha is the poster girl for mediocrety. Common… Her tears were they only thing that saved her from going first…although my thought is that she should have gone 4 weeks ago.

    David Cook needs to up his game… he needs another “Billie Jean” moment or he will be 2nd place.

    David A is starting to change his look and appealing more to the tween to teen crowd – notice the Vneck tee and jeans rather than the mother’s dream for their daughter preppie? He even quoted a rap song in the middle of Ben E. Goodman! Goodness knows that 12-17 crowd are more likely to have the texting vote down.

    Not at a 100% certainty… but.. I am thinking that David A is the winner – David C- is more talented (he needs a band!) but David A has the appeal… but the truth is.. just as with Jason Castro.. the right or wrong song choice and it is all over. David C for the last 2 shows hasn’t been making the best decisions… compared to Archuleta.


  5. Yikes! I am talking about Syesha being mediocre and mispell mediocrity! Lack of sleep from a fussy child has my brain in a fog.


  6. Hey all,
    I loved Savannah Red’s comment! Too funny!

    I have a different thought… I think David C is most talented, AND I think he would do better if he doesn’t win. If he doesn’t win, he can go straight to making his own music. Otherwise he may be forced to lose some of his edge to make a tame pop CD. I felt the same way about Daughtry (and I think that proved true). I think there are some people who are better served by not becoming the American Idol.

    Although little Davey A. bugs me, I agree with everyone else that he is likely to win. I think he needs American Idol to be successful (unlike Cook who is a star already).

  7. My vote is for David C. I think he is going to totally take it. Hubby thinks David A. has it. I think David A. should go work at Disney or something.

  8. I don’t WANT to say it, I don’t LIKE saying it, but Archuletta was superior to Cook in the finale.

    Little Davey A wins.

    But Cook will sell more albums and have a more successful career.

  9. My vote is with David C!

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